I know I talk about this all the time and so it probably gets old, but I love downtown Columbia. Tonight we went to the Blue Note for a Bright Eyes concert...yay for Coulter and him getting free tickets...but as we were walking around I once again noticed all of the culture and all of the things that are not (I hate to stereotype, BUT) so Sorority. It's refreshing. The concert was also spectacular. I had never heard Bright Eye's music, only the name, but it was not half bad. The first bands were awful, but they have more talent than me so I have no room to be a critic. While we were there though, we witnessed a scary incident. Some girl was at the bar and just passed out...flat on the floor. The funny thing was people really didn't seem to notice right away. She was out cold for a good couple of minutes, and when she finally came to there was a puddle of blood from where she hit her head, it was sort of freaky.

After the concert we then proceeded to go to this "ghost watch." We failed miserably, but supposedly there is a building at Stephans that is haunted and at midnight it comes out. HA! Don't be stupid like my group of friends and me and go looking for this because it does not exist. It was cold as hell and we had a long walk home, but it ended up as just Coulter and I and so we had time to talk about life and all of the other interesting things Coulter likes to examine when he is wasted. Overall, it was a great night. I needed a little change from work and school. Happy Halloween!


I've got the perfect Halloween costume for anyone in the Columbia, MO area...Dress up like a Burrito and get free Chipotle. Yes, that's right. I'm working Halloween night and there is a sign in Chipotle saying anyone who comes dressed as a Burrito receives a free meal! Addie is all about it, so if you are feeling a little cautious, she will be more than willing to go with you to make the experience a little less humiliating. I think it's going to be great. I can't wait to see all the crazies in this town dress up in tin foil and get free food. Heck, if I wasn't working I would probably do it my self.

I hate pressure. For the first time in my whole college career, all 3 semesters of it, I'm getting straight A's. This is a HUGE change from last year's grades, but now I feel obligated to "keep up the good work" because I really don't see this ever happening again. Next semester is going to be a rough one. The only "A" I foresee is Theater 44, but I could probably manage to screw that up too. The reason why I bring all this up is because I had a test this morning and it's not looking so good. In a way this takes a lot of the pressure off, but at the same time, I pulled almost an all nighter to study just because of the possibility of straight A's later. I've NEVER cared this much about grades before and now it's stressing me out. Does this make sense? I guess I'm just saying that normally I'm not really the type of person that worries about grades, I just go with the flow and ususally it comes out not half bad. Why all of a sudden do I care? I want to go back to not caring so I can get the recommended amount of sleep each night.

One last thing, I hope my family is still alive. I haven't heard from anyone is a good week and normally they are obsessive about keeping in touch. I hope they remember my birthday...November 9th for anyone who cares!


Is it Saturday yet? Not only is the start of another busy week, it's cold and rainy. I just want to curl up in bed and never get up. But, I don't think that would be very beneficial. In case you are stupid, I'm going to state the obvious by saying this Thursday is Halloween. And while I would love to either pass out candy to all the little tikes dressed up, or even better, find a random kid and take them trick-or-treating, I will be stuck WORKING. I will however celebrate the holiday by going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Wednesday night. I've never seen it before and so my friends, who I think feel sorry for me because I haven't seen a lot of the movies that everyone else has, are taking me to see it.

Ok, I can't focus and I don't want to bore you with my life right now and so I'll try this again later.


Ladies and gentlemen, the sniper has maybe been caught!!! I really think it was all getting a little out of hand and so hopefully this can all be put to rest now.

I really am sorry to complain all the time about work, but really it's consuming my life. Why, when there are only 6 people working would you send 2 home and leave 4 people to close!!!! I got home at 11:30...yuck. That's not so bad, but let me remind you that I got to the wonderful world of burritos at 3:00. grrr!

So, not only did I see my mom this week, but today my dad was in town too. He was just drivng through, but we had breakfast together and it was really nice to see the old man for a while.

And, a heart update...I think it's better. It didn't freak out on me today once! Yay! I got the monitor off today and I think when I go bak to the Doc everything will be normal.

Wow, I'm watching Last Call right now and I think it's the worst band I've every heard before in my life. Good for them for making it on televsion, but if I were them I would practice a little more next time. Does anyone have any good bands to recommend? My musical collection is getting a little old to me.

Here's a question from English...Are we an illiterate society? He says yes because a majority of the population doesn't read to gain knowledge. We all just read newspapers and magazines and don't really retain anyhting that we read. He says we don't know how to read, meaning, we read words, but don't read for meaning. I think that all sort of makes sense, I just brought it up for you all to think about.

Also, just on TV, a Harry Potter trailer. November 15th folks, get ready for the Chamber of Secrets!!


oh yeah, one more thing. My heart is going crazy. It worried me a little, seeing how I can't really live without it working. I'm going on a heart monitor today, so whatever crazy thing that is wrong should be found and fixed soon.

Today my English teacher commented on the fact that everyone seems pissed off lately. I must say I agree. I just don't feel like being chipper and pleasant all the time. He relates it to, and I quote, "all the shit going on from Iraq to the Sniper bullshit." I couldn't agree more. How about a little good news from somewhere in this suposed great counrty of ours.

Well, here's my good news. My mom came to see me on Monday and Tuesday and we had a splendid time together. We enjoyed downtown Columbia during the day, went to the mall for a little birthday shopping for me and then ate dinner with the roomies. After that I took her to Ragtag because I knew she would enjoy it and we don't have anything like it in Springpatch. I must say, I am a amazing. She loved it! She enjoyed her imported beer and popcorn while we watched Gwenyth Paltrow in Possession. In my opinion, Gwenyth was annoying, but the overall movie and atmosphere was spectacular. I love Ragtag simply for the fact that it's full of creativity. I think it was just such a great night because I felt like my mom and I were really hanging out and enjoying being with each other, rather than her dragging me along so we can spend some "quality time together."

Time to register...oh the joy!


Do you ever wish that you were five again and didn't have to worry about midterms and papers and other drama that you were oblivious to back in the day? I do. Last night was a little crazy because I had a major test to study for, but at about 10:00 Addie, Coulter and I decided to carve pumpkins. It was fabulous. It was also a little messy and this is probably why my mom stopped getting excited about the art of pumpkin carving as soon as my bro and I were old enough not to care. Well, my love has returned and it was a great time. We did this a couple of weeks ago, but that pumpkin was just practice and represented more of our creative sides. It was a Picasso pumpkin meaning that each of us carved a facial feature, but non of them matched and weren't really in the right spot. Last night's pumpkins were more of the traditional jack-o-lantern. We are also drying out the seeds and will hopefully have yummy pumpkin seeds to eat. We'll see about that. I really don't know how to cook seeds, but I'm sure my "food channel obsessed" roomie can figure it out.

Other than the pumpkins things have been normal. There's a little roommate tension at 1504, but this time it's not invovling me and Amy...wow! That's a first. I think Addie is about ready to kill Amy. They are both very opinionated and I think it's getting the best of both of them. They can't have a conversation without butting heads. It's sort of amusing to listen to, but at the same time I just wonder if there will ever be peace. The good news is that we have all discovered/stated/let it be known...that we will not be living together next year. This is a relief for me because I like to avoid confrontation. Since there will be no problems, I have nothing to worry about. I've talked to Claire and Sara about next year and Coulter has even mentioned soemthing to me. Either of those options would be fine with me, I just have to decide if I want to study abroad. Ahhh! Why does life have to be so complicated. (That makes me want to sing...Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated...)


So, once again I have a phenomenal couple of days. Thurday was crazy, but the most fun I have had in a long time. We went to the Music Cafe and it was Jazz night, which was lovely enough to make my night worthwhile. But to make it enough better it saved me from a night of staying in and writing a paper. Coulter called at 11 when I was in my Pjs and by 11:10 I was ready to go. Between Poon, him and me we drank a pitcher of Killians and then Ginneus (spelling???) It was great. A nice buzz for the evening, and enjoyable music in the background.

Tonight was also another amazing night. Addie's family is in town and tonight we hung out with her sisiter and tried to show her how much fun college can be without drinkning b/c she doesn't drink. We ended up having a baking bonanza and made chocolate chip cookies and an apple pie. It was all so yummy, but we were all so full afterwards that we decided to go for a run. It was a long one. We went all over campus, greek town and downtown. We stopped at the columns and sat on them and just took in the whole situation, it was really awesome. Those columns have a certain feeling around them whenever it's drak outside and the dim lights are shining on them. I really love it!

The one bad news of the week is that I may be having some issues with my heart. It's been beating supper fast and I'm not really sure why. I went to the doctor after freaking my mother out about the whole situation and the Doc can't find anyhtign wrong. Her exact words were that I have an "athletic heart," so there's no need to worry about me dying at 20 from a heart attack, but I'm still a little worried and have to go back on Tuesday for more tests and then possibly get hooked up to a heart monitor for 24 hours. Fun fun! I'll keep ya'll (I'm not southern but it's a fun word to say) updated.

Have pleasant dreams, I'll check you all ( I lost my southern drawl) later!


Let me just say, I had a great night! There's just something about catching up with old friends that makes me happy! I went out to eat with Claire, Sara and Greg for Claire's b-day. It was pleasant just to sit and chat about life. I've felt so out of touch with people lately, that it was nice to meet up with Claire and Sara and just catch up.

Also, I had an exam tonight (this was before dinner) and before that I went to Osamha's with Addie. (Don't worry, it's not some pro terrorism place, it's just a coffee shop here in CoMo that got it's name pre 9-11) Anyhow, we drank hot apple cider and tried to study, but I was really too caught up in the enviornment to care. I just love being there. It inspires me to think bigger, to dream and just to live a life that I would be happy living. I know it's just a coffee shop, but it's so full of life and inspiration with all of the different people.

And then after my test, which was on the quad, I walked over to the J-slums where Claire and Sara live and I just took a monent to look at the Columns and Jesse and to simply enjoy where I am at this very moment. At a school which I love, surrounded by poeple who I love and admire, but at the same time I felt extremely gratefulfor all that I have everywhere else in the world too. It was a wonderful feeling and while it would have been nice to share with someone, it was also enjoyable to feel independent for just that short moment.

One last note, Dawson's need some more creativity. I think I predicted the whole show and I'm no genius, I'll tell you that right now. It's nice to pretend that's what life should be like, but I'll stick to my walk on the quad this evening and be quite content!

Ok I lied, one more thing. Like I said before, I donated blood today. I passed to Iron test like a champ and I even survived the crazy dancing, Mormon volunteer missing my vein and therefore digging a needle further into my arm to find it. It was a bit traumatizing, but survivalbe none the less.


I forgot...I want to give a shout out to the SHS Freshman football team for their first victory of the year. More importantly, a congrats to my bro for an excellent game which included 2 sacks! Nice job boys!!!!

I really don't mean to always complain about things here but it's so liberating! So, I had a bad night last night. I think that this whole Tuesday night work thing is just turning all of my Tuesdays into days from hell. First, let me start off by saying I worked from 3:00-12:00. Yes, count them please, that's 9 hours!!!! There is good news in this though. Most everyone I worked with spoke English and I got to do cash and so that kept me distant from Crazy Billy who likes to harass me. But, once again it was 9 hours and I have a test today. Once again, good news, it's a night exam and so I have a good 5 hours after classes today to study! Then, I get home and realize that my cell phone, my new one that I just bought this weekend is missing. I call it, I search for it with no luck. But luckily someone is watching out for me because I justleft it at work. Wow, now looking at this, it doesn't seem like such a bad night. I think I was just stressed and tired.

Now for today...I'm donating blood. I was convinced to do this last year and now everytime there is a drive I get ropped in to donate again. The sad news is last time I attempted to give away MY blood they wouldn't take it because I didn't have enough iron. I'm preparing myself for that same rejection that might take place today, but hopefully with the vitamin I took this morning, I'll be good to go! Hey, if they don't want my blood I still get a free t-shirt and some cookies.

Another thing I've been pondering lately is this whole Iraq situation. My English teacher...the Buddhist monk who curses like a sailor recommended this book called, The War on Iraq: The facts Team Bush doesn't want us to know. I haven't started reading it yet, but I'm intriged. He thinks that this really could turn into a major war. I personally think that Bush shouldn't even be in control of such a dangerous issue because he doesn't have the mental capacity for it, and so I guess I want to figure out what is going on so I feel like an informed citizen. I feel so out of touch with current events right now. Some shooting somewhere, this crazy sniper guy on the loose, I really don't have a fine grasp on world events right now and that's sort of bothering me. I know I've said this before, and I am trying, but I wish I could read more newpapers and magizines. Once again, my English prof says that we can't rely on just televison because it's a show and so they don't show the whole story. This is very true, I know this, but still it's the easiest way to get information. I still really want to tell you all about this teacher, but I'm getting tired of typing. Sorry for the blabbering. I'll be inspiring next time...


So there is a downside to this whole Blog thing, I don't type in it as much I would write in a journal. Oh well, I'm dealing with it. This weekend was somewhat of an interesting one. I went home for the weekend, which as a whole was a very nice thing, but there were some bumps along the way. First of all I am still having issues with the friends. Well, I guess not so much friend-s, but friend. I'm just really confused at the moment as well as worn out from dealing with drama, issues, crying...ahhh! I think this is why I'm very gtateful that I have guy friends here at school. I can't deal with this girly stuff. It's so stressful and unnecessary. Can't we just deal with things once and then move on instead of having the same draining conversation over and over again? But, I'm really trying to salvage this one friendship, but now, looking back on things, I can't put my finger on why exactly I should. Also, from this weekend I have established that my brother is driving my mom crazy and this is only his first year of high school. My poor mom. I think that I didn't give her a very realistic veiw of the typical high school adolesent and now she's going to have to other extreme with my brother. In a way I feel sorry for the both of them. If my broher would only realize that my mom isn't that hard to rationalize with, he just has to tell her what's going on intead of lying to her to tell her what he thinks she wants to hear. On the other hand, I think my mom needs to ease up a bit because if she starts not trusting him now it's only going to hurt her later. Who knows what will happen with this one, I guess only time will tell.


YEsterday was a rough one folks. I did get the joy of sleeping in until 10 before going to class, but once I was up, I wasn't back home again until midnight. Yuck. Eight and a half hours of work just isn't so appealing. But, I survived. When I came home I was in a terribly crabby mood and unfortunately Addie noticed. I walked in the house, noticed it was garbage day tomorrow, got the garbage and then didn't really say anyhting. I wasn't really in the mood to talk, but then she asked the question that sometimes you ask and don't really want an answer, "Are you okay?" Well I poured out all my problems, stresses, etc and felt so much better afterwards. So basically I want to express my appreciation for having such a wonderful roommate who I can tell all my problems to and then laugh right after that. I think we rolled on the floor laughing for a good 5 mins about hairy Don and how Addie wasn't even that drunk when she made out with him...oh my goodness...good times. The other roommate situation isn't going so hot, but I'm staying busy and not letting her get to me and so things are working out alright for now. I just get so frustrated with just her being there...ahh...I just want to scream. But, I figured it out last night. I am friends with her because I was sort of forced. She lived on my floor last year and so she was right there. I was ready to be friends with anyone who would talk to me and she just happened to be one of them. This is another example of how I think I'm too nice. When Addie and I were searching for someone else to live with, she was the lucky winner of our search. Now, I realize I don't want to friends with her. She is someone who has a lot of issues to work with, some crazy morals that I don't agree with and just all around, a person that I would never befriend. But what do I do now? Keep tryig to aviod the situation? That doesn't seem healthy. But I live with her and so creating conflict can't be too healthy either. Why does there always have to be drama? I just want a normal, peaceful, happy life. Is that too much to ask?


Do you ever just feel stupid? I do ALL the time. I know I'm a decently educated person, but the amazing people I have met here this past year and a half are unbelievable. The conversations that I have listened to never cease to amaze me. Most of the time I just sit there and listen because that all know so much and it seems like I know so very little. Everyone is so up to date on their current events, politics, religion...my friends can discuss all of the common debatable topics. However, last night Addie had this guy over and we were talking about literature and what do you know, I knew what I was talking about. A huge thank you to Mrs. Peters for giving me an appreciation for literature which I never had before. I was discussing Shakespeare, quoting the Canterbury Tales and other crazy stuff that sort of shocked me as it came out of my mouth. So, because of all of this I really want to educate myself. Coulter says to read newspapers and I think that a good place to start. I'm going to try and read at least 3 articles a day from some publication and see where it takes me. Before you know it, I'll be a genius! (Not very likely, but I'll keep wishing).

Okay, I was also going to reflect on my English Professor, aka the Buddhist Monk, but I'll save him for tomorrow! Good night all!


So, it's time to empty my mind a bit, stay with me, things will get better after this, I promise.

My friends are driving me crazy!!! If you are reading this and happen to be one fo those friends, sorry, it's nothing personal. I just have no one here to talk to about this that would understand, so my trusty blog gets to hear it instead. I have no idea what to do. I feel like things were so great this summer... things couldn't have been better actually. We had an awesome time, I really thought that we all built up our friendship so much. It was really difficult to leave them all this summer. At the beginning of the summer I thought it was going to hellish and that I would run back to CoMo as fast I could, but it turned out to be the complete opposite. I almost wanted to stay home. But then, as soon as we were all separated again it was like we all sort of went our separate ways. Not that that's a bad thing at all. I want us all to have our own friends, to learn from other people that are from different places and who have different ideas to share, but in the end I thought we could just come back together and be one big happy family. That ideal soon faded with the end of a relationship and possibly the end of another friendship. Now I feel like I am stuck in the middle of both falling outs and I have no idea what to do. When we are all home this weekend I don't want to feel like I have to schedule in each friend. I just don't know. Another thing I hate about it all is that I hear EVERY side fo the story and it's getting hard to believe who's actually telling the truth. How do I support one friend if I'm not even sure I'm getting the right story. I think overall I'm just tired of being the one everyone complains to. Why can't things just be normal?

While I'm at it, I have another question. Why is it that everyone else can have a bad day, or get a little snappy, but if I have one it's like the world is ending? I am completely aware of the fact that I am an optimistic person and that I really don't get mad or complain about a lot. As a matter of fact, Coulter told me I was "an enjoyable person" this weekend. But at the same time I hate the expectation that I think some people have of me as always being happy and never mean. (that's a weak word, but I can't think of a better one at the moment.) I guess I just wish that I could say what I really mean sometimes and not feel like a terrible person for saying it. I know plenty of people who can be bitchy when they feel like it. I don't want to be a bitch, but I want to be able to tell people things and not have them think that the worst of me is coming out. Do you know what I mean? I sure hope so.

that's all for now, peace out! No more bitching for the rest of the week... I hope.


I'm back! I know that all of you will be happy to hear that I made it back from Minnesota safely. Not to say that we didn't have problems, but overall it was an awesome trip. Here's the good and the bad in the ever handy list format-

The Worst of the Minnesota road trip-
-Waking up at 5:00 in the AM to leave
-Driving in the rain for 9 hours when it should have only been 8
-Riding in the world's loudest car for 9 hours
-Greg and Coulter letting me drive and then me forgetting to turn and going an hour out of the way. Sorry guys! But thanks to Coulter for taking the blame along with me. We were just having so much fun in the car that we forgot to look at the road signs.
-Greg forgetting to turn off his lights at the Twins game which caused us to chill in a parking lot for an hour while waiting for the AAA guy. We did meet some fun Minnesotians so it wasn't all that bad, but once again we were an hour behind.
-This is the kicker...Driving for 9 hours in the rain, starting at 5 AM, getting to the Metrodome and not getting a ticket to the Twins game. Ouch, yeah, that one hurt, but read on...it gets better.
-Not making back for the Oklahoma game as planned, oh well I guess it's ok because we lost

The Best parts of the Minnesota Road Trip
-Riding in the car with Greg and Coulter. Guys, it was a fun trip!
-Laughing at the fact that we got lost and really could have gotten on the right road in 2 mins, instead we drove back for 30 mins to find the exact same road. I guess just being able to laugh at everything. It would have been a rough trip otherwise.
-Walking around "The U" in Minneapolis. What a cool school. They have so much to do. It was great!
-Coulter got to see Melissa...ahh, yes it's sweet. They haven't seen each other since they left for school, so yeah for them.
-Walking around downtown Minneapolis after WE GOT TICKETS TO SATURDAY'S GAME!!! Yes, that's right, we got tickets for Saturday's game.
-Seeing the Twins beat the A's 11-2 in the Metrodome
-Hearing the "We're gonna win Twins" song while waving my homer hanky that Coulter bought Greg and me. Thanks!
-Mizzou almost beating Oklahoma, ok not really almost, but it was a good attempt. I was really expecting a beating.
-Making it back in one piece without anything terrible going wrong. Thank God I'm home.

Overall, it was an amazing trip. Lot's of memories and stories to tell. I'm just really thankful that all of us are laid back enough not to let much bother us. It was a rough start, but in the end it was all worth it. We laughed a ton and that makes it all worthwhile! Once again, thanks guys, it was awesome!


What an incredibly humid day! I hate humidity because all it does is make my hair turn in every which direction...gurr. But, classes are over for the week. (yes, I'm taking a personal day tomorrow, but there's a good excuse to it which I will get to later.) Other than the normal routine of waking up and going to class, nothing extraordinary happened today. I've been thinking that I didn't give the season premire of Dawson's the space it deserved, so let me expand just a bit. First of all I think the whole cast needs to go back to the salon and demand a new look. Pacey needs to shave his chin...now! Jen needs to get rid of the bangs and also trim those long locks. Her hair looks awful. Not that I have any room to judge, but really, someone should really tell her that looks bad. Other than that, it's obvious of some of the subjects they are going to cover this season. Pacey and the Brit are going to hook up after he moves in to her apartment. Joey is going realize that her and Dawson shouldn't hook up, hook up with that dude at the bar and then relize she made a huge mistake and take Dawson back. It should be interesting, let's all watch and see if I'm right!

So, as for my personal day that I'm taking tomorrow, it because I'm going on a road trip. Where you ask? To Minnesota. Yeah, that's right, Minnesota. I'm going with Greg and Coulter and we are going to the Twins game. We are leaving at 5AM and are going to try and make it back for the Oklahoma game Sat. night here in Columbia. Yes, I realize this is a bit nuts, but why the hell not! It's going to be fun. I heard all about the damn Twins last year and so I might as well actually go to a game. And they have this song, it's crazy, you just have to hear it, but I'm hoping that I will actually get to hear it in person instead of the version Greg downloaded form the internet last year. Oh, good times. I'll let you all know how it goes when I return, tired and exhausted Sat. night.

Time to study, maybe I'll have something insightful for tonight.

You know that whole bit about the rain that I just went on about...sratch that idea. I went to my review tonight and it was like a hurricane out there. I don't like being cold and wet. I think I'm just selective about the rain, so let me clarify. I like it just before it rains, I like the smell of rain and I like the rain while I am inside. It's best when I'm getting ready for bed, but anytime as long as I'm out of it is a-okay with me!

As for my night, other than the rain, it wasn't so bad after all. I finished my paper (a day early, thank you!), I quasi studied for my test tomorrow, I went to a study session for my test, I went to an SAB meeting AND I worked out! What a productive evening. Yes, I am patting myself on the back right now, but I deserve it. I also managed to watch the season premire of Dawson's Creek...oh, excuse me, Dawsons...like, oh my god...just kidding, but I don't really like to admit to watching the show. It's so captivating, but sooo unrealistic. I wish it was real so we could all fall in love with the perfect guy, who just happens to be your best friend who will make you feel secure and comfortable and blah, blah, blah. It's so sweet and I'm sure it fulfills just about every girl's dream. For those of you who missed it, here's a recap... Dawson had a candle light dinner ready for Joey on the set of his new movie which just so happens to be a model of his house back at the Cape. It couldn't be more picture perfect. That is until the end when the creators of the show have to create a cliff hanger to keep us watching all season. But still, it's so nice to watch and dream, but as soon as it was over I was oh so abruptly brought back to the real world. Oh how sad.

I would just like to say I love this new found world on the internet. It's so liberating. I really do feel as though I will be able to live my life a little more now that I am taking the time to reflect on things. It sort of puts everything into perspective for me. I highly recommend it!


Does anyone else love rainy days? I really do. I'm not all that sure why. Most people associate grey days with being depressing or uninspiring. Sure, I don't want like 10 days without sun, but today I looked outside and saw it getting cloudy and I was somewhat relieved. It just makes things feel more intimate or comfortable or something. I can't really put my finger on how exactly it makes me feel, but I like it.

Tonight is filled with a paper to write, a test to study for, a study session to attend and as well as a meeting. It's going to be a little hectic, but the good news is I'll be able to fill you all in on everything when I return. Like I said before I came to school, I want to be busy and more involved this year. Too much down time is a bad thing in my opinion. It gives me too much time to think. Now I'm not saying that one doesn't need time to think, but too much of it drove me crazy. Not to mention the fact that I can't stand being in once place for very long. That really does drive me crazy. So, I'm off, but fear not, I will be back later!

I'm a little overwhelmed right now. In this age of the internet and technology why not ditch the old pen and paper and post all of my intermost thoughts online for all the world to see. Ok, so maybe it's not really that bad, but i don't even know where to start. I guess here's to the hope that this is a success and that I actually update it on a somewhat regular basis. Wish me luck that this posts. I did an entry before this and I think it got lost on the way. (or I just don't know how to read directions)