Exciting things for the day...
1. My dad and I spent quality time together. He made me lunch after church and then we watched Castaway. I feel bad because I don't spend as much time with him as I should, so I was glad that we could get together today.
2. I went to church today and didn't hate being there. Our minister gave a really great sermon and I didn't feel like it was the usually "I am holier than thou" stuff. It was a general message about how it's human nature to make people feel welcome and at home in your home and how any person (with a soul basically) should try and make people feel comfortable in their home. It's like having family over for Christmas and making sure everyone has a gift. We all do that and it's to make them feel loved and wanted. That should be the idea of Christmas, to share, know, feel, (whatever verb you want) that we all are loved and show love in return. I liked the idea, and I paid attention for the whole thing, so that's another plus!
3. Cranium. Therese bought a new game tonight and her, Mikey, Tim and I played. It's really a lot of fun. She decided that since we sit around doing nothing, we should at least sit around at try and learn somehting instead. I think it's a good idea and this game doesn't have a ton of really hard questions so it keeps you entertained.
4. Tim and I went to Therese's sister's CYO game. It wasn't incredibly exciting, but I like being supportive for not only Therese, but her whole family. That's one cool thing about my friends here, we all sort of just fit into each other's families. Well, at least with Therese and I...we are still working on Tim.
5. I saw Rafiq! We went to Perkins before our action-packed game of Cranium and he was there. It was nice to see him and I think that we are going to hang out tomorrow.
6. I talked to Brian. He's still his same old self which makes me happy. It seems like there are those friends who you have nothing to talk to about except "how's school?" and then friends where you can just pick up right where you left off. Sure, I want to know how life has been since we last talked, but we still have random conversations too. It's not the akward, "we have to catch up" stuff. Does anyone know what I mean?


Proof KU is worthless
On the way to my aunt's house the other day I was reading my brother's Sports Illustrated. This week's was about the top 25 sport stories of the year and other summaries about sports events of the year. In the section about titled something like, "We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried" there was a story about former KU basketball player Drew Gooden. Apparently on a recent road trip, Gooden had nothing better to do on the plane than to count the diamonds on his necklace. 550 was the final count. The guy may not know what it means to read a book, but at least the kid can count. Sorry if no one else finds this funny, but I got a nice little chuckle from it.

My Christams celebrations have finally come to an end. My aunt's house yesterday was the final get together. The good thing about this Christmas was she got a hot tub and so I got to try it out while everyone else was inside staring at each other.


I'm going to be sore tomorrow
Does anyone remember that commercial that had a whole bunch of inspirational quotes and one of their words of wisdom was to "act your shoe size?" Well I do and I felt that way tonight. Because of the abundance of snow on the ground, Therese, Tim, Andy and I went sledding. It was such a blast. The amount of fun sort of always depends of finding the right hill and I think we found the perfect spot. It's way on the west side of Springfield and it's a little remote and so not very many people know about it. It was pretty steep and a little tough to climb up, but it was fast and there was a pond that added a little adventure to the ride down. I would say we all enjoyed ourselves and for everyone except me it had been a long time since people had been sledding. While we all did our fair share of acting like little kids, I am definitely going to feel the burn from climbing up that hill tomorrow. Oh well, it was well worth it! Afterwards we had a little more old fashioned fun and played Trival Pursuit. It was definitely better than sitting around staring at ourselves.

What a day
First off I must say it is a big day for my blog, 2 random people have commented!!! I feel like it's growing to be a real life blog. I'm not just writing this for myself to read anymore, so keep commenting away, please!

Second, it is indeed Christmas (I feel like I must state the obvious.) It was an okay day with the family. Not spectacular by any means, but it was alright. Christmas morning is always my favorite part because I am actually here at home. Then around 12 we went to Mason City with it's population of about 600 (I really don't know, but it's small) to have Christmas at my uncle's with my dad's side of the family. This is why my day was just ok. The afternoon consisted of a lunch which wasn't half bad considering my dad and uncle made it, my grandpa watching sports and not communicating with anyone, my 19 year old "cousin" chasing around her 2 year old son and then my 12 year old cousin (she's really related to me) trying to boss everyone around. My brother and I just sort of sit around and try and either entertain ourselves or make conversation with my uncle's girlfriend and her kids. They are a little more normal than the rest of my family.


Silent Night
Tonight at church my dad, brother and I were ushers and therefore had to start the candle lighting for when the congregation sings "Silent Night" in the dark, by candle light. It's really quite nice and is probably my favorite part about the Christmas service. Since we were ushers we sat in the back and so I watch people during the song. Everyone is supposed to raise their candle in the air when the sond references Jesus or light. There was always this one little old lady who got a little anxious and put her candle up a little prematurely. It was sweat and so I thought I would share it all with you. Just picture, one candle up in the air 5 seconds before everyone else's. Maybe she was just really in the holiday spirit.

My dreams came true!
Bing and I both dreamt of a white Christmas and our dreams came true. There is at least 6 inches on the ground right now and it hasn't stopped yet. I love snow. I want to go sledding and play in it! It's soo pretty!


Oh what a night...
My warning to you--this blog does serve as my diary of some sorts. Because I like to track the daily events of my life, it may get a little personal. This is one of those entries.

So, last night I get an IM from Kaite that says we need to talk. I think "oh shit." I don't want to or feel like talking, but I'll call and get it over with. When all was said and done by 1:00, I lost my so-called best friend. I'm not so upset with the fact that our friendship was over, but more so with the fact that I basically dragged things out for so long. As far as I'm concerned things were pretty much over a while ago. When I called we had the superficial conversations and then I asked why she really wanted me to call. That was it...she said I wasn't making time for her, I should have been more excited to see her when I got home, we were drifting a part, so on and so forth. This gets pathetic...I'm warning you...She gave me a choice in whether we should remain friends or not. I said I think it's pretty much over and then, (this is the really bad part) she wanted a reason why I was ending our friendship. I really didn't know how to respond to that and I didn't want to hurt her more than I already had and so I said I would call her when I figured out a good reason why we had drifted a part.

I came up with this...I was still trying to be friends with her out of pity and that's not the kind of friendship anyone deserves. She was constantly giving me guilt trips on how I was her only friend and the only one who stuck by her, but in reality I think I did that because I knew she had no one else to turn to. However, I got tired of all of the drama and trying to console her when ever she needed it. It wasn't a good friendship. So, instead of confronting the problem a long time ago, I just tried to ignore it by ignoring her. Bad idea! This not only hurt her I'm sure, but was also emotionally draining on me. (I know this sounds like a freaking relationship and at times it felt like it...me getting in trouble for not calling...dumb!)

So, what have I learned...
1. Don't be friends with someone because you feel sorry for them.
2. If there is a problem in a friendship, try and talk about it, don't ignore it. Ignoring is definitely easier, but doesn't solve a thing and really only makes matters worse.
3. Going off to college really does make some friends drift apart.
4. If you are good enough friends, distance doesn't matter.
5. Try and grow from previous mistakes and relationships.
6. Girls cause way too much drama.
7. If you can't think of something appropriate to say, tell a person you need time to collect your thoughts. (Okay, that's cheesy, but it does kind of help).
8. Instant Messenger is not a good place to have important conversations. Have the decency to at least call a person. It shows respect.

On a lighter note.
I'm so excited tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I think I like it just as much a Christmas Day. Christmas Eve is the epitome of the holiday season-- presents under the tree, but still wrapped, dinner with the family, Christmas hymns at the midnight Chirstmas church service, seeing everyone home with family for the holidays, the luminaries around the park, the anticipation of the next day. Those are my favorite parts, the feelings of everything, not the commercialized version with all the presents; people rushing around the freaking Walmart looking for the "perfect gift" for Betty Jo.

That's all for now, I'm sure you're tired of reading...Merry Christmas to all!


One down, four more to go.
For those of you who know me pretty well, you may be aware of the fact that I hate the holidays. Not so much all of the aspects of holidays, but one major one and that would be family get togethers. First off, I don't have much family, well close family. An aunt and a grandma on one side and an uncle, cousin and grandpa on the other. It's not really exciting, except for the fact that since we really don't have close family, we like to branch out A LOT. Tonight I attended the first of five Christmas gatherings I will partake in before this week is over. This first one was with my dad's side of the family, but it was like great, great aunts and 3rd cousins. Whoohoo! This one wasn't as bad as usual because now there are little kids to play with and so I got to play "the fun random girl who plays with the little kids, but who's also not really sure how they are related to her." It was okay. This at least got me away from the table where 7 old farmers sit around and talk about the "damn hoodlums." They are so sheltered and judgemental it makes me sick. Anyhow, it was a get together filled with superficial conversations, jokes about the Mizzou/Illini game, aka "the killing." (All of my "family" went to the U of I, I'm definitely the outcast) and dry turkey. I can't wait to see what the other 4 family functions will bring. I guess I should really be grateful that I have a loving, caring family, but sometimes I just wish there was a little more to their simple, sheltered farm lives.

Hello 7:00 AM
Tomorrow starts day 1 of Kids Camp Inc, Holiday style. That's not really the name, but it's catchy. I am only working 4 hours a day, but it will get me out of the house for a while. Plus, I get to see some really cute kids from the summer and this gives me a free memebership to the Springfield Racquet and Fitness Club. Yippee!


One more thing...
This relates to the bloggin' at home section of the last post--There are also cats in my house now. Before we only had one and it hated me so it didn't bother me. Now, my step-sister has moved back home and brought with her 2 cats. They are extremely friendly, but I don't really like cats. Right now there is a huge white cat sitting on my lap trying to catch my fingers as I type. It's "friend," the orange cat has been staring at me for a good 10 mins now. I don't think I can take this feline invasion. I'll let you know in later blogs if I bond with either...

Bloggin' at home
Really, it's just not quite the same. First of all I don't have my own computer here and so I either use my step-dad's which is in his office and infested with more second hand smoke than I would care to think about, or I have my bro's computer which is better, but he's sleeping right now and I don't really want to just go in there and wake him up. So, I'm holding my breath in the office.

Good Times
I'm so glad to be home. When Addie and Amy said they were staying in CoMo, that didn't appeal to me at all. Now I know why. I have some of the greatest friends in the world right here at home. Granted I don't really like the town that much, but I have an amazing group of friends. I am very much looking foward to not only hanging out with Tim, Therese and Bobby, but also catching up with some high school friends that I sort of lost touch with last year. I went Christams shopping with my brother today and ran into a lot of people and everyone was like, "where have you been the past year." That sounds strange, but I really had a lot of close friends throughout high school and just gradually lost touch with them. So...I'm going to make an effort to keep in touch over this break. But, Tim and Therese don't have to worry because they are still the greatest. Tonight at Perkins we had a blast just catching up and making fun of each other.


Book buy back was good to me!
I don't remember the original price of all my books, but total, I got $117.25. That's not too bad. You you read a post from a couple of days ago, I said I was poor. It's going to be a merry Christmas afterall; my family will have presents under the tree Christmas morning!


I'm DONE!!!!!
Another semester has come to a close here at the University of Missouri. It's been a great semester despite my constant complaining. I just finished the easiest final I have ever taken in my life! I was at the test for 30 of the 120 mins. So, with finals over I think that I will have a much better GPA than ever before, hich is somewhat exciting.

Enough about grades, here's what made the semester so great!
1. 1504 Ross Street. Even though I don't enjoy living with a particular roommate for a majority of the time, it's still really great to have your own place. Granted, I somewhat missed the constant flow of people from the dorms, I think living in a house is much more relaxing, healthy, fun, enjoyable, etc.
2. Family Dinners. Even though I didn't see enough of everyone from last year as much as I would have enjoyed, family dinners made everything better. It's great to get together with old friends and catch up, have fun and just chill.
3. Coulter! Without him to complain to, to study with and to be entertained by, I'm not so sure I could have made it through. I will miss him dearly, but I know he will have an amazing time in Spain.
4. Classes. They all went suprisingly well. I should definitely boost the good old GPA past 3.0. That makes the parents happy!
5. Staying Busy. I managed to keep myself busy enough to somewhat branch out from the core group of frineds that I have here. I really like meeting new people and although I haven't done such a great job with that, I'm working on it!

There's more to add, but I'm distracted by AIM at the moment. Happy Holidays to you all!

Will I make it?
I have a final in less than 2 hours. I have no motivation to study, all I want to do is just chill here or drive in my car and go home. Oh wait...my car doesn't work. Yeah, I went to start it last night and nothing happened. We tried to jump it, still nothing. A guy is coming to check it out today. I hope it doesn't cost me a fortune. It just has to make it home and then I'm selling the stupid thing and getting a new one. In the midst of this, I found out Amy's boyfriend may want to buy it. I'd be down with that. The quicker I sell it, the fast I get something else. I'll keep you updated.

Ok, this is my study break, I must go try and focus again. I had fun night last night, I'll post details later! Adios!


2 down, 1 to go!
Just like most other college students with blogs, the subject of this entry is once again finals. I took my second today in religious studies and considering the amount of studying I did (not a lot), I think I did ok. I needed a B to keep my A and I'm pretty sure I accomplished that. So, hip hip horray! I only have one final left and that's not until Thursday at 3:30. I get to sleep in for two whole days!

Happy 21st Sara!
Today is my friend Sara's 21st birthday. We are all going out to eat tonight, and since I have no finals tomorrow, I'd be down for a little celebrating as well. Who knows. I can't wait to be 21, less than 11 months left...

Oh Christmas...
So I am a poor college student with presents to buy for not only family and step family, but also friends. I need to get crafty and just make things because I think that will cut down on expenses, but I don't have a freaking idea of what to make. Any suggestions? My mom and bro are done, but there is Dad, Dennis, Julia, the roomies, Andrea, Tim and Therese. I will think of something, but what? I tried relying on book money for funds, but they aren't offering one of the classes I took next semester and so they don't want the books. Oh well...


Note the time...
It's 8:32 in the morning! Who blogs before 9:00? So, why then you ask am I up so early? My dear friends, I just took my first final of the week. It could not have gone better. It was at 8:00, and since it didn't even take an hour to take, I guess you all can figure out it was pretty easy. Either that, or I knew nothing and just sat there long enough for one person to turn in their test and then I got up. But no, it was the first...it was super easy! A special thanks to Kandice who studied with me last night. She's fun to study with and her flashcards on the processes of domestication and so forth were mighty helpful. There aren't many people who can seriously study, while being so fun at the same time. Our conversations last night went a little something like this:
Abby: So, we've got this Berangia thing. Why don't you tell me a little about it.
Kandice: Well Abs, you see it was this massive chunk of ice, aka glacier that connected some land.
A: Any idea what land?
K: Ah yes, that would be Alaska and Siberia
A: Spectacular! And how about a time? Any idea when all this took place?
K: That's a very good question. I would like to say around 15,000 years ago.
A: You are amazing. Great job! And, just how would these people travel once they got here?
K: Again, great question. Abby, they would hop in their little canoes and row, down the Pacific Coastline...

Ok, you get the idea. I think we were just really tired, but we tried to study and be stupid so that we would actually remember things and it worked. Try it sometime. You'll like it!

Paper time
Now that that test is over I have a paper waiting for me to write it. It's for English which I am getting an A in, but I want to make it a good paper because I like the class and the teacher a lot. I must go and be insightful.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
This would be a direct quote from Tim's away message, but after watching Dawson's Creek tonight I really am ready to go home for the holidays. Granted most of the episode focused on disfunctionalism, I was still warmed by the beginning. And, oh, I don't want to leave out the best part of it all. Eddie showing up Christmas morning with a tree on the top of his car and a Christmas sweater on while it was snowing. Oh, my heart melted. It was picture perfect. So anyway, even though I generally don't like the holidays, I think it could be different this year. Thanksgiving was tolerable and so I have high hopes for Christmas. I'm sure our table, tree and lights won't look as perfect as it did on Dawson's, but can't a girl still hope?

I'm off to the library. They have expanded hours until 2AM, I'm not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing. I have sort of become a compulsive studier. I guess finals time is a good time to start! Peace out kids!

Oh, one last thing. I would like to say "Get better soon" to Traci. She jumped a little too hard from her bunk bed and hurt her ankle somehow. I don't think it's broken, but crutches and finals are never a good combination.

Props to me!
This is the entry in my blog when I give myself props for my wonderfully productive day. I left my humble abode at 11:00 this morning and did not return until 7:00. In that time I went to class (2 of them!), had lunch with Claire, outlined my speech, turned my speech into a power point presentation, bought my bro's Christmas gift and went to a Bio 2 review. Wow! Then I came home, changed into workout clothes, went to the gym, then went tanning and fixed myself dinner. Then, I went to the library until 12. Wow, I am a rockstar! Ok, maybe not that cool, but I must say it was an action packed day!

Beginning to dread...
Only 3 more days until I have to get on the train for 5 hours. I don't wanna do it!


Not such a great start
I woke up at 10:30 this morning. I have class at 9:00 and 10:00. Opps. Just so you all know it helps to turn on your alarm after setting it. I'll try and remember that tonight when I go to bed.

That's my sympathy for all of the people taking finals right now. I still have another week to go before I am up at all hours of the night, studying like it's going out of style, deprived of food, sleep, contact with the outer world. Ha! Yeah right. Good luck to you all cramming for your finals. Have fun at home a week early without me!

Welcome to MarioCart!
I forgot to tell you the second best thing that happened at Walmart yesterday, I found the connection to hook up my brother's Nintendo 64 to our TV!!! This means I can play Mario Cart. I'm so excited. This will be the perfect tool for procrastinating during finals week. Anyone in CoMo who wants to play, come on over!


Norah and me at the Union
So I have neglected my blog for 4 days and so it's time for an update. I must tell you I'm sitting at the Union on a rented Laptop listening to Norah Jones and drinking hot (well a little cold now) chocolate. It's quite enjoyable.

Reasons why living in a house is so great
1. You can have chair races from the stove to the front door. Yes, you read that correctly. Friday night we had the "family" over for homemade lasagna and then a small gathering took place after. Because there are so many people and not enough kitchen table chairs, Addie and I contributed or computer chairs for seating. In the drunkeness that took place later on in the evening, we raced on our rolly chairs from our stove in the kitchen, through the study/sitting room and then to the front door. (We have wood floors everywhere so you really do go fast!) This was all timed of course. It really doesn't get much better than that.
2. Spades is a great game. Also from the Friday night festivities, we played Spades...at 2:00 and drunk. I've never played where you actually use the real scoring rules and I think my partner was getting frustrated with me, but in the end, after 10 rounds, we won! And sort of because of me and my brave moves!
3. Christmas Lights!!! That's right, drive by 1504 Ross Street and look at our lovely lights. I did the stairs. (it all looks good, but that's my favorite part) We even did the lighting like on Christmas Vacation. It didn't work the first time because not everything was turned on, but the second time was successful. It's great. It was an enjoyable experience with both roommates which hasn't happened in a while, so that was another plus too!

Abby's Trip to Walmart
So I get out of my house this morning to go to a STRIPES social and I discover I have a flat tire. Jeff, Amy's boyfriend put on my spare for me, but then I had to go and get a new tire. It got to Walmart 20 mins before the Tire section closes, but because it was an emergency they took me! I had to wait 2 hours and in that time I made new friends. There was a woman and her 4 children and then the Grandma waiting for their car as well. The kids were getting a little wild and the mom was getting annoyed with them. So, I came to the rescue. I started talking to them and we ended up playing "I spy with my little eye" and then I taught them those clappy games from like 3rd grade, you know, "Miss Susie" and "Ceci My Playmate." It was really fun, it made the time pass and when the mom and grandma walked out, they said to me, "God Bless." It was really sweet. Then, there was another woman there who started talking to me and we got to talking about my major because she was an OT major once as well. She was also really nice and gave me a lot of really good advice and left wishing me a Merry Chirstmas. As cheesy as this sounds it really gave me a positve outlook on humanity for the 2 hours I was there. It all was a pleasant suprise from what I thought my trip to Walmart was going to be.


I said burr (clap, clap), it's cold out there!
Why is it so cold outside? I almost froze today on my 15 minute walk from my house to school today. I don't know if I can take a whole winter of this. I thought I liked winter, but I think I only like not being really, really hot and I love the snow. I guess it can't be 50 and snow, but if it's going to be like 30 with a wind chill of -40, then at least give me a little snow. Flurries, a white out, I don't care what kind, just a little. To make matters worse, I have an 8:00 next semester. Yikes! Anyhow, I think I am going to have to break down and buy a hat. I look terrible in hats because my hair is too short and I look like a boy, but I think I've gotten to the point where I don't care. I thought my ears were going to fall off this morning.

Update on the cold, it's better, sort of. You know how annoying it gets at night when you can't breathe through your nose and so your mouth gets all dry? Well I had that problem, but it has stopped. This is a plus because I sleep through the night now. The bad news, I still wake up in the morning coughing up a lung. Oh well, c'est la vie! (Is that right? The last time I took French was Jr. year)


My random thoughts for Wednesday
1. I love toasted ravioli. I went to the Zeta house for lunch with Lauren today and I think really, it made my day. I was definitely nostalgic about DUD and dirty Dobbs from last year. Ahh, the good old days.
2. I have to ride a train. I hate riding trains. Let me explain. My car is a piece of shit and my mom has no faith in it and that it will make the trek from Columbia to Springfield 2 weekends in a row. So, I have to find an alternate way and a train is my mom's great idea. I get sick on trains and so for 5 hours on Friday the 13th and then for 5 more on that Sunday I will be enjoying Amtrak. Fun times.
3. I hate Tim. Just kidding. I think he is one of my few friends that actually reads this and he told me I never mention him, so here I go. Yay Tim, you are awesome Tim. You are my hero Tim, I want to be just like you, Tim. (I was trying to be funny but I'm not feeling very creative). But seriously, you are a wonderful person and I appreciate you being such a great friend through everything. I pumped that we get to see each other for a whole month!
4. I wish the cold germ never existed. This is like day 10 of the worst cold of my life. I feel sorry for my roommates who have to listen to me cough and cough every morning. My nose hurts from blowing it so much and I think I've gone through like 3 bags of those Halls Vitamin C drops. Just make it stop!


I'm back...
Damn being sick! It was a perfectly fine Thanksgiving break except for the fact that I've been sick since Monday. The family wasn't that annoying, I obversed a little of OT and got to hang out with my awesome friends from home, but I was sick the whole time and so it sort of put a damper on things. But alas, I'm back here at 1504 and it's good to be back. All of the little things that were getting on my nerves before I left don't bother me anymore and quite frankly, it's nice to be back in the swing of things.

In case you missed it in the first paragraph, I'm sick and so it's an early bedtime for me. Maybe I'll wake up in the morning and all will be better!