Sorry to leave you hanging
Yes, it's been a little while since I've last posted, but it's my Spring Break, so get over it. My mom and I went to Chicago on the train on Thursday and Friday. It was quality bonding time, not to mention good sales on Michigan Ave! On the way up the train was so busy that we weren't able to sit together. Instead I sat by a really friendly guy with 3 kids who had a meeting in Chicago that afternoon. We talked for a little while at the start of the ride and then I feel asleep and then when I woke up we spoke some more. It was really laid back and soft spoken, but we had good conversations. One was about the war. Has anyone else noticed this? When our reporters talk about Americans dying it is the biggest deal in the world. Which I guess is fine because we all should respect the dead, but at the same time, they mention Iraqi deaths in passing with no emotion at all. If a bomb were to accidently crash into one of our neighborhoods it would be in the news for days, picture after picture would be posted all over the television and we would set out to punish whoever set off the bomb. I understand it's a little different in times of war, but those civilians and Iraqi soldiers for that matter are people with families too. I'm pretty sure some people in the US Amry would rather be home with their families. My guess is that the same feelings exist in some Iraqi soldiers too. Basically I'm adding to my list of complaints from last time. I just hope this is over soon.


Complaints about the war...
1. I understand updating the general public on what is going on, but is every 20 minutes really necessary? I think the average person would find distraction in the "Must See TV" instead of NBC reporters 24/7.
2. Is it really appropriate for the NBC news reporter to report the news with a gas mask on? Let's scare the hell out of the American people a little bit more.
3. One more thing about the reporter...don't you think they ever get in the way? I would think as our troops are making their way to Baghdad, they would rather there not be a camera in their face. One question they asked some guy today was if he found the nuclear sirens nerve racking? Was he serious? No, the possibility of a nuclear attack makes him happy...what the hell was he supposed to say to that.
4. While my normal television programming was interupted today I was watching a press conference. Ari Fletcher (sp???) is an ass hole. He has no tolerance for his job. If he can't take stupid questions from journalists then why is he the Press secretary? Just a thought.

*That's really all. I just think the media may be doing too much. Yes, I want to know the facts, but I think there is a certain point when enough is enough.

PS- I don't think it was Saddam on the video tape the other night and congrats to Mizzou on just barely beating SIU. I may get to see my tigers play on Saturday!!!!!


What justifies a good deed?
Tonight I had to get certified in CPR so I can work with this girl with disabilities. The class was made up of some very strange people. The guy sitting next to me came in 25 minutes late and I think was jacking off through the movies we had to watch. He definitely had his hands down his pants. He also smelled and looked like he had no showered in days. The woman sitting next to me was a rather large black woman who I chose as my partner for when we had to practice things on oursleves and the dummies. I thought she was a better choice than jacky-mcjacks-a-lot. Anyhow, first was how to rescue someone who was choking. Our instructor (who looked like Andre the Giant from The Princess Bride) made it very clear not to actually do the thrusting on your partner. So I'm standing there and this woman who I've never even really talked to before has her arms around me and just when I thought it was over she gives me one good upward thrust. I kind of coughed and gave her a dirty look and the somewhat sane people in the class looked at me as if to say sorry and then looked at her like she was nuts. I will give her credit and say she became a very nice lady as the ngiht went on which is what lead me to do this.

As we were leaving she asked me for a ride home. A million things ran through my head when she asked this. Number one, I had just met her and that was only for about an hour and a half. Two, she lived in a not so great part of Columbia and I just remembered I forgot my cell phone and so if anything were to happen I'd be on my own. Then, I thought about how stupid and superficial all that was. I said yes and off we went. I must admitt I was a little on edge the whole time, but when she got out the car she thanked me over and over and then I got "God blessed." I'm thinking that was an act of kindness, but does it count when you are sort of regreting it the whole time?


Vote for Ashlee!!
Go to the Cosmo website to vote for Ashlee Vorachek to be the next Cosmo girl. She is a friend from high school, so do it! PS, I learned how to add a link!

On a much serious note...
I just found out two guys I know from high school are in Iraq. Sure I don't think we have any real business being over there, but now that I know there are 2 guys I know there it makes me even more mad. I only know 2 people as of right now. I can't imagine the others that I either don't know about or other military families with their closest friends in battle. I don't feel as though I'm doing this subject justice...but basically, war sucks.


I guess I don't know how to link text in my blog. Here's the SJ-R article about Ashlee...



Way to go Ashlee!
Everyone needs to check out the April issue of Cosmo. One of my friends from high school, Ashlee Vorachek is in it!!!! She applied for some contest and made it to the top 25. Click here for the story from our home paper. The address for where to vote online is in there, but I'll try and post something else when I get the magazine on Tuesday. All I know is that the winner of the online vote gets to be on the cover. This is all so exciting!


It's going to be a great summer
Tonight at work we called a kid who informed us all that Jack Johnson and Ben Harper are coming to Mizzou! How great is this? Just when I was beginning to think the music scene here was not so great, I find out this wonderful news. I'm also going to take it as an opportunity to bond with the brother. We haven't ever done anything cool together and so when I called and told him this tonight I think I scored major "cool older sister" points. If anyone in the Columbia area wants to go too, just let me know. tickets go on sale March 20th. Then, from this conversation came another announcement about concerts. Get ready, brace yourselves...John Mayer and the Counting Crows are going on tour together. Wow! There are no dates out yet, but just the possibility of this is spectacular. I sort of wish I would have been able to see Guster this summer, but that didn't work out. The Counting Crows will definitely make up for that.

Also, PS: For those of you who I've talked to about this...I've made a decision...I'm joining Zeta Tau Alpha. Yes, it's true, I'm going to try sorority life again. I have a much better feeling about it this time around.


Could it be possible? Am I really going crazy? I can't make up my mind to save my life. I thought I had my major all figured out and then it's all gone to hell. I HATE science/biology/physiology. In the process of registering for classes today, I discovered that if I want to stick with my major I have to take 7 HOUR anatomy lab. It's 8-3 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I really think that's crazy. Who in their right mind would want to be in class that long, let alone for one single subject. That's worse than high school. It's ALL SUMMER LONG! I just really don't think I can do it.

So now I'm back where I began, what do I want to do with my life? When I asked myself this question earlier today I came up with Human Development and Family Studies. What is this you ask? I'm not really all to sure. All I know is that the one class I'm taking in this area now I like and when I looked through the classes today they all seemed interesting and I also like the fact that I would only have one class on Friday's. That's just beautiful! I sound like the biggest slacker in the world, but I really don't know what to do. All I know is that I can't take a summer of Anatomy and then 2 more physiology classes next year. I don't think I have it in me.


I was that girl
You know that annoying person who is talking on their cell phone while you are trying with all your might to concentrate reading? I was that girl tonight. On the phone, at Memorial Union for a good 20 minutes. Oh well, I don't care. You want to know why...TIM AND THERESE ARE COMING TOMORROW!!!!!!! I'm just a bit excited. I haven't seen them in 2 whole months. I can't wait to see them. I hope tomorrow flies by. Hopefully I'll do really awesome on my test so that I'll be in a great mood when they get here. Oh, I'm so pumped! So, I don't care that I was annoying about 10 people around me, I get to see my best friends tomorrow!


The conversation went something like this:

-Hey Abby
-(I thought she wanted notes from the classes she had missed for the past 2 weeks so I wasn't extremely friendly)...Hi
-I don't think I'll be in class for a while
-My ex-boyfriend died the night before last

That's then my mouth dropped. What exactly does one say to that? I had no clue. Not to mention in was an IM conversation. That's real personal and sincere. I felt terrible, but you can only say that so many times. I just hope that all involved are okay and if they need anything they know I'm here for them. But honestly, to be 20 something and be dead...that's so hard for me to even grasp. The thing that sucks is drugs were involved and if he had been just a little smarter he might not have choked on his own vomit, but still, you feel for all those who knew him.


It's funny how life just goes. Before last week it seemed like lately I had been in a constant bad mood. Then, all of a sudden something changed. Last week was good, busy, but the busy that I like. And then today, it was like I had a revalation. I had just finished running and was in my car listening to Guster with the window cracked and the wind blowing in my face and I thought it can't get much better than this. Nothing spectacular had really happened, I just felt great. I let out the biggest smile in the world and just kept on drivning past my house because I wasn't quite ready to come back home. I enjoy just driving around. When I was little I remember my family would go on Sunday afternoon drives and at the time I didn't really like it, but now I think I get it. We would just drive through the country and I think they just wanted to BE with us. I remember a story Andrea told me once about her grandma. Her family was playing cards in the Grandma's bedroom while she was getting ready for bed. They all asked if they should leave so she could go to bed and the Grandma said to stay because she just enjoys hearing their voices. I think that's sort of what my parents got out of us in the car. And while I was alone today, I was able to just take everything a lot easier than I had been able to in the past.


Wow, everyone is so verbose today. It must be the weather.

If my blog lived it would probably want to shoot me.
I feel as if this blog that I have started is the source of all my indecisiveness. I'm quite frankly getting tired of it all and just wish I could make up my mind about things, but there are always so many factors to consider. Why is making a decision so tough?

Mardi Gras
Yes, it is the time to let loose before you have to give something up for an entire 40 days, but really the only things that I associate with this wonderful holiday are alcohol and a bad version of Girls Gone Wild. Flashing and getting smashed seems to be the correct way to celebrate and while I'm all about the drunkeness, I'm not so sure about the hoochin' it up part. That's just me though. So, will I sacrifice anything for the next 40 days even though I'm not Catholic and my good old Methodist background says nothing about giving anythign up...probably. I think it's good just for self-disipline. I gave up soda last year and it lasted all the way through the summer. I'm thinking about re-using that one this year.

Yes, it's true.
Why is my roommate crazy? Why is she so damn ambitious? Listen to what she has convinced me to do now...run a 5K! Ha! I will admit that I can run a lot farther than I used to, but 3 miles, I'm not so sure. The farthest I know for certain I can go without stopping to walk is a little over 2 miles. What's an extra mile, right? Ha! When you are tired and sweaty that extra mile can be a long ways away. I haven't run in a good 2 weeks and so I guess I need to prepare so I don't make a complete fool out of myself. I started at a mile and a half today, just to warm up. It went just fine. Hopefully in 2 weeks when this blessed event takes place I can at least go for 2 and a half and then crawl to the finish.


My Exciting Evening
With the roommates gone for the whole weekend, I took it upon myself to spend the entire day cleaning. Our house was a mess, I think I found more dust bunnies today than I've ever seen before in my life. And, with the exception of a break from 4-8 to help pass out trading cards for SAB at the MU/KU women's basketball game, I seriously cleaned all day. Our house is spick and span! I'm very pleased with my productiveness. Since I still wasn't done at 8, I decided to stay in for the evening and make it a truly productive day. Not only did I clean my room and the bathroom, I also did my laundry and started my homework. Wow, what will I do with myself tomorrow? I normally spend Saturday's sleeping in and then really doing nothing. I feel very accomplished. So, the laundry's done (including sheets and towels), my room is clean, the floors are mopped, the bathroom spotless...I hope the roomies like it!


I'm sorry Claire!
Tonight Claire and I went to see How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and it was great. The classic chick flick, but not cheesy, witty. Anyway, we are sitting in the theater and all of a sudden in the silent theater Claire's seat falls apart. At first I was shocked and then I started laughing. I felt bad, but it was really funny. Claire's about the smallest girl I know and her seat just broke. The girls behind us started laughing. It's a good thing the theater wasn't very crowded or else we could have made quite the scene. That was definitely a first. I've never seen anyone sit in a theater seat and it break...thinking about it now, I'm still laughing. It was a good night. I wasn't in the going out mood and so a movie was just right! Both roommates are gone for the weekend and tomorrow I am cleaning this house from top to bottom. It's gross and Tim and Therese are coming in a week and I want it to at least look decent for them.