I'm back
Sorry, it's been a while, but frankly I don't have that much to say and I don't really feel like typing it out. I'm home now, but am going back to CoMo tomorrow. That is where I will be spending a majority of my summer. However, after being home for a while I've started to realize how much I will miss my friends here. I hope they know that I really will miss them and I'm not going back to school because I like it better, because I like each place for different reasons-- not one more than the other. When I'm home I miss people from school and when I'm at school I miss people from home. It's sort of hard to find a balance, especially when I know Tim and Therese will be home all summer.


I might die.
So the weather is really awful right now and in about 30 mins I have to walk from where I am now to Jesse Hall for work.

Dear God,
Can the tornadoes hold off just a little longer so that I can make it safe and sound to my next location.
Love, Abby

That's all for now.

People are getting just a little too excited.

Poor J.K. I guess die hards just have to resort to this.