End it now...
I think I'm putting an end to this blog. It's not what I had thought it would be. It's more of a place for me to bitch and complain than for me to look at myself and the world, take it all in and then reflect. Maybe when I feel like writing again I'll pick it up, but for now...so long blog!


Things are starting to pick up...maybe.
So I have started week 2 of my summer in Columbia and I really need another job. I guess since everyone likes to blame things on 9/11, I will too. No one is hiring, the economy sucks, blah, blah, blah. Yes, I do have my babysitting job, but it's not going to keep me busy. Luckily I have found a photography class that the local art association is offering. That will keep me entertained for a while. I'm acutally really excited about it. My mom made me take one of those summer enrichment classes when I was little and I took photography, but I forgot everything I learned. Hopefully this will be a small refresher course. My bro, Therese and her sister are coming in about a week for Jack Johnson and Ben Harper...I can't wait!