Is it bad that as I walk around and see things, I think "Humm, I should blog about that..."

All because I said thanks...
I'm all about common courtesies, so when someone holds the door open for me I always thank them. No big thing, right? Well today I had to drop off some things at Jesse Hall and as I was going in a nice old man held the door for me. Turns out, after I said thanks, that I realized it was the Chancellor...that's right Richard Wallace. I really didn't even think the man existed on this campus. I just thought he was a face that the administration brought out for special occasions like dedicating buildings. Well after I said thanks, he proceeded to ask me how I was doing and other general questions your elementary school principal asks. It was a nice day so he commented on the weather and then politely told me to have a nice day. So, how about that...I had a small chat with the Chancellor today.

Isn't it Ironic?
If you read my last post, you will see that I'm having a difficult time making decisions. It just so happens that today in Mind, Brain and Behavior we had a lecture on Emotions and Decision making. Turns out the old pro/con list is a bad idea. In order to make "good" decisions (defined by what will make you the happiest), emotion should be involved and a logical decision is not always the answer. People with little to no ability to recognize emotion have an almost impossible time making decisions due to damage to the ocipitofrontal cortex. Maybe that's my problem. Who knows...


The decision is in...
After about a month of going back and forth with my summer plans, I've finally decided that I'm staying in Columbia. While it's nice to have this over and done with, the whole process has brought me to the conclusion that I'm a very indecisive person. After talking with others, I realize that I'm not alone in this problem, but it's still incredibly frustrating. My mom told me that I'm not indecisive, I'm just good at weighing all of my options before I make a final decision. I think that's a nice way of saying I can't make decisions. Thanks Mom. The worst part is, I didn't really make the decision myself; it was Therese. If she wasn't staying in Indy this summer than things would be completely different. It ended up that my mom felt sorry for me because my best friend wasn't going to be home. She therefore decided that I could do whatever would make me happy. In the end, Columbia won me over. I can't wait until next year when I have to think about life after college. Grad school or find a job? What do I want to go to grad school for? Where should I go to school..in state or out of state? What can I do with a bachelor's in Psych? What about try for Teach for America?

Umm, I think I'm going to take a nap...


These are a few of my favorite things
1. Running through the columns... My roommate and I have a new tradition (well maybe tradition is a bit of a stretch, it's only been 2 nights), but we have been running around campus at night. This is me being a little sentimental, but I really love Mizzou's campus. As we run through Peace Park and then up to the columns, I can't help but just stare in awe. It literally takes my breath away every time I see it (or maybe my breath is just gone because I've been jogging for the past 25 minutes). As much as I'm tired of school and some other things, jogging helps me clear my mind and lets me just take in the surroundings.

2. E-mails from friends abroad...Just about everyday I sign in to my account and a new letter is waiting for me. At first I was extremely jealous of these people because I wish that I would have planned my life better and studied abroad this semester, but now I'm just extremely happy for them. At least someone gets the pleasure of enjoying another culture and meeting amazing people. I can't wait for them to get back and share all that they've learned.

3. Hearing from old friends...
a) This is somewhat related to #2, but with a slight twist. One of my old roommates is away and ever since we stopped living together we sort of just formed our own new lives. This is all fine and dandy; we still hung out and talked occasionally, it just wasn't the same. Well I got an e-mail from her yesterday and it meant the world to me. She said some really wonderful things that made me grateful for all of the awesome people I've met over my 3 years here at Mizzou. I try to be a good friend to those I truly care about and judging by what she said I think I'm doing an okay job. I hope she knows what she said meant a lot to me.

b) One of my other friends went into some form of the armed forces (national guard, ROTC, the real army...I'm not sure.) He's been gone since January and I was beginning to wonder if he was still alive. On Monday I got a drunk dial from him and he is back in Columbia. I was very relieved to hear from him because I was convinced they'd send him to Iraq, but apparently he is back safe and sound, and drunk. Way to go!


I can see the headlines now
I was walking back from the pool tonight after a water polo game and this is what happened...
-Me and my friends..."It's too bad we lost"
-Random yelling in the distance
-Me and friends..."What the hell is going on"
-Guy sprints by with a huge, pink bunny head followed by another guy in a bunny costume.
-Me and friends..."That the hell"
-Two more guys, this time both in monkey suits run by chasing the above bunny and guy with bunny's head.

If all this weren't enough for the night, we stop to watch these guys running up the street and find out that they are getting pulled over by the MUPD.

So let me recap...
4 guys- one with a bunny head, one in a bunny suit, two in monkey suits, running up Maryland Ave end up getting "pulled" over by the MUPD. Wow, what a night!


Welcome Home?
Every time I come home I feel like I belong less and less. Today I went to the mall with my mom and saw several friends from high school, a majority of which I haven't spoken with since we all graduated. It's always so strange to see people, to strike up the conversations and to pretend like I really care what's going on in each of their lives. I know that may seem heartless, but I really just feel like I've moved on and changed. There are the select few people that I am gald to see and do really wish I made a better effort of keeping in touch with, but for the most part I think I'm trying to get out of good old Springfield. Being out and about today made me feel like a complete outsider. There's the new Old Navy that I ventured into today. I never thought we would be so suburban as to get an Old Navy, but I guess I was proved wrong. There's also a new stop sign by the park. There's always been a stop sign there, but there was also a sign under it that said you only have to stop if you are turning right. That sign is gone now. For all I know it's been gone for three years, but I just noticed it today. We, as in my family, also go to a new video store now. It used to always be the Hollywood Video by Schnucks, so when I started driving there tonight I thought I knew that I was doing. My mom looked at me like I was crazy and asked what I was doing. She says to me, "We go to the new Family Video now, it's much closer." Excuse me, I was only doing what has been second nature for the past 10 years.


Things that make you go, "Hmmm"
I just checked my voice mail and there is a message from this guy that I know (I wouldn't exactly call him a good friend) that says, "Abby, it's RJ. I'm getting married. Call me back."

I didn't even know that he was dating anyone. What the hell?

"The pleasures of insomnia are ones I can't avoid..."
After only 8 total hours of sleep this weekend you'd think I'd be able to put my head to the pillow and be out for the night, but no. I tried going to bed early (10:00) and after 2 hours of staring at the bunk bed above me, I decided to get up and do something. I made a "to do" list for the week and I filled out my time sheet, which I have neglected to do for the past two weeks and now I've turned my attention to the blogging world.

All for $10 an hour
Today I spent 3 hours at work, trying to help the girl I tutor with her Romeo and Juliet project for school. I ended up doing most of the work myself because I thought the project was a complete waste of time and see no value it holds for my tutee's future. The first on our list was to recast the play with current actors and actresses and then rewrite the play in a current setting. Humm, what a great idea! I bet no one has ever thought of this before. I hate the "new" Romeo and Juliet with Claire Danes and Leo, but today I loved it. I basically rewrote that story and let Brittany put in her favorite actors when needed. Next, we had to come up with 20 examples of light and dark in the play and then explain their significance. Let me stop right here and say that Brittany (the girl I tutor) has cerebal palsey and a lazy eye and so she can't read very well and when she does it takes her a while. To ask her to go through the entire play and find light and dark examples is nearly impossible, unless I a) had all the time in the world or b) had a book that was about 10 times larger so that she could read it. Neither of these applied, so I went through the entire book and found the examples my self and explained to her the importance.

By now I bet you are thinking that I suck at my job because I'm not really tutoring, I'm really just re-living high school. If this is true, at least I know I could past through a second time (at least at Southern Boone County High School). Really though, I think a lot of the whole education process is a waste. Yes, there are things that people should learn, and to go above and beyond isn't bad either. We need educated people in today's society, but I don't think that rewriting Shakepeare is the best way to go about this. So, until I figure out some way to revamp the entire education system, I'll just continue to do all the bull shit work and save to valuable stuff for Brittany to learn.