Hell Bound
I decided today that Saturdays will be the productive day of the week. I swept the kitchen floor and cleaned the bathroom and took at the trash like a good, clean person would. I also did a few loads of laundry and went running. After I was done with all my Saturday chores it was about 2:00. (Just because I clean doesn't mean I can't sleep in...I woke up at 11:15.) So after my shower I was doing some work on the computer. I heard a knock on the door and assumed it was Rebecca. I yelled for her to come in, but soon realized that perhaps it wasn't Rebecca. I ran to the door, taking the towel off my head in the process. I open the door and there are two rather hot guys standing at my doorstep. It would be my luck that I was in shorts and a t-shirt with wet hair, but I quickly realized these guys were not just your average hot guy. They were Mormons on their mission trying to spread the word of God to me and my wet hair. After I excused my appearance they commented on the beautiful day (which it was) and then asked me if I had time to hear about their faith. Here comes the bad part...I lied to the Mormon boys. I told them I was in a hurry and didn't have time (for the Lord of all people). I did try to be as nice as possible, but after I closed the door I wondered why I couldn't have just told them the truth. I have respect for what they are doing, and I am a little interested in their story, but I don't like the fact that they are trying to find followers or convert people, or whatever they are doing. I think that if I would have just told them that (perhaps in a nicer way), I would have felt better about letting them leave. But, that was then and this is now and thanks to them I now have a picture their church in Salt Lake City.

Boston anyone?
In my free time, which I have a lot of, I've been looking at options for after I graduate next May. I found something that was rather interesting today. There is a school that is strictly for autistic children in Massachusetts. It's called the New England Children's Center. The best part is they take people with just a Bachelor's in Psych. They then hire you as a teacher and pay for you to go to grad school. This place is 25 miles outside of Boston, which sounds pretty cool, I've never been there. The school also provides you with housing. Did I mention you get paid and they pay for your grad school and for your housing??? It's probably impossible to get in, but I'm going to try...This sounds promising.


Laughing out Loud
After I just posted my last entry, I edited my profile. You can click on items in your profile and then Blogger connects you to others with your same interests. I clicked on Cranium and the only other person that popped up was a 60-year-old female. That lady is one hip chick, either that or I'm a huge dork. I'd like to be optimistic and think the first.

One last thing
I now know that at least 2 people read this thing. Thanks Tim and Claire!

Time to vent
Today I took Brittany (the girl I work with, not my old roommate) to the mall as a sort of "School's Out, so let's have fun" day. Let me be the first to tell you that going anywhere in a wheelchair is a huge pain in the ass. I'm not even the one in the chair and I get stressed out about it. First, parking is a nightmare. I forgot the handicap sticker that I normally take and so I had to park in the normal parking where there is not nearly enough room between cars to put a wheelchair together and then put Brittany in the chair. Also, very few doors at the mall are handicap friendly. If it wasn't for the nice old lady at the mall today, I might still be in front of Dillards trying to get the door open so that I can push Brittany though it. The clothing racks at Aeropostale and Hollister are way too close together and so I have to physically move some racks and then just run into others. Finally, there are no handicap dressing rooms in the JCPenny Juniors area. To top all of this off, people stare like you wouldn't believe. Have they never seen a wheelchair before? I know we all tend to stare at the unusual, but after working with Brittany I try and make a conscious effort to avoid staring (at least for too long). She knows people are looking at her because she's different. She's even at the mild end of the "different" spectrum, and still people love to stare.


New and Improved
I have been busy tonight in the blogging world. I created a profile, which is a lot harder than it sounds. I hate answering the standard questions like "What's your favorite movie?" It's not that the questions are hard, it's just that I always think of a better answer at like 2am while I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep. I also finally figured out how to post a picture in my profile. It's about a year old and I have a better one that I would like to use, but I have to go scan the picture first. (I unfortunately am not cool enough for a digital camera and so the trusty scanner is the best I can do.)

I also attempted to make muffins this evening. Really all I had to do was add milk to the mix, stir and then pour in the muffin pan and bake. I however managed to burn my hand as I was putting the muffins in the oven and now I have a rather large burn that is still stinging 2 hours after the fact. I swear every oven in the world hates me.

Is my picture on my blog now?


"Please tell me your life story"
I need to just make a sign with the above phrase. Tonight I volunteered at the Missouri State Special Olympics. It was really a nice night and I felt like I was actually doing something with my time instead of my usual nightly activities which include watching TV or working. As a volunteer I was an usher and I helped show families to their seats for the opening ceremony. Apparently I just look like I want people to talk to me because the second lady I helped decided to pass the time by telling me her entire life story. I learned over the 40 minutes that she talked to me that...

1. She recently bought a new truck, however it's not a 4 by 4 like she wanted so she's going to sell it in 2 years for a 4 by 4.
2. Her youngest son is into demolition cars where people crash cars for fun, but he thinks that he's getting too old for this and so he's going to go to school in Ohio.
3. She works 12 hours at a printmaking place where she works at the envelope machine. She has to wear steel toed shoes and the other day she dropped a 100 pound cylinder on her toe.
4. Her granddaughter (who was with her) is 6 years old and already on a traveling cheerleading squad. She also takes 3 different types of dance and gymnastics.

As this conversation was taking place, at first I was a little irritated because really I had other things I needed to be doing. However, as the time went by I began to appreciate this woman. She provided me with a look into her life that was very different from mine. I don't know what it's like to have a mentally disabled family member and I don't know what it's like to have a parent work 12 hour shifts a day to support the family. After our conversation ended, I was touched that she cared enough to tell me so much. I'm grateful that this lady broadened my views on what other people's lives are really like.


Hello, Goodbye
Therese has come and gone already. I was nice to have some company around. She will be missed dearly.

Choose or Loose
I'm not going to lie, I like MTV. I'm not a huge fan of music videos, but give me reality TV and I will watch for hours. Tonight Rebecca was kind enough to invite me over to watch The Real World. (I don't get MTV and so this was a very nice gesture.) After Real World, there was a special on the job market right now and what Bush and Kerry propose we do to fix the problems. This special was apart of MTV's campaign to get 20,000,000 young people to vote in the upcoming election. While I have never voted in an election before (I know, I know, it's important to vote), I will be voting this November and I think that some of it will have to do with the education MTV is providing. So many people use the excuse that they are uninformed and so for MTV to produce these specials is pure genius. People watch MTV all the time, so if you educate them in small doses between the latest Real World and Punk'd, teens/younger people will be much more apt to vote come November.

All the cool kids are doing it
Okay, so maybe not all the cool kids, but this one is. Thanks to him and Oprah I was introduced to PBS again. Yes, I know we all remember it from our youth and the days of watching Sesame Street, but now there's even better stuff on and it's called Colonial House. As you know by now, I'm a sucker for reality TV and so when Oprah featured this on one of her recent shows, I knew I had to watch. Not only was Colonial House entertaining, it was very educational. It raised issues from the 17th century dealing with sex roles, Native Americans, religion and survival. After all was said and done, I was left with an incredible appreciation for the history of this counrty. It really isn't all a fairytale, but now I feel like I have a small glimpse into what life was really like. I admire the participants of the project because they were able to give up 4 months of their lives and live without toilets, showers, electricity, privacy, technology...the list goes on and on. It sort of makes me wonder how different life would be like if I were alive in any other time period and how different this world will be in 400 more years.


Some new features
weather.com - Local Weather Page Somehow I have a new toolbar when I open up the internet and there is a button I can push and it automatically makes a link in my blog. With this new button I have provided you with the weather for the next 10 days. I hope you enjoy.

Tonight one of my friends came over and we were just watching TV. When she left a little after 12 the door to the apartment next door was wide open. The place smelled like weed, there was little to no furniture and huge posters on the walls and floor. I really didn't think much of it until she pointed out how strange it was. She starts calling to see if anyone is in there and there wasn't. She then looks at the parking lot and starts pointing out unfamiliar cars. At this point I'm starting to think that maybe something is up, but I don't want to freak myself out. I instead suggest we just shut their door and then lock mine in case someone strange is around. So that's what we did, and I'm hoping their door just flew open or they forgot to shut it and that everything is fine. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight...alone, again.


Another list
I enjoy the list format because it makes things short and sweet. So here's another one...my Friday wasn't really that exciting.
This Friday I...
1. Slept in until 11:30 (I know, I'm a bum)
2. Got paid. Finally! I had $4.23 in my account.
3. Filled out my mileage report for work. This is a really detailed process and I hate it, but I have to do it so that I can get a break on my taxes.
4. Went to my storage unit. (I realize this is not all that great, but I feel the need to tell you about my storage unit. It's called Storage Masters and it a part of another business called Target Masters. Basically they sell lots of guns and are very pro-gun. The sign outside the place reads "Conceal and Carry passed!!! Celebrate with a new gun." All of this makes me wonder if I should really be storing my belongings with these gun loving freaks)
5. Went running on campus, just like old times. It wasn't the same without Brittany, but much more productive than with Rebecca. I went at like 9:30 and felt pretty safe, so I don't think running alone will be a problem.
6. Watched my favorite movie. For anyone who has never seen it, I strongly recommend watching Love Actually. In some strange way it will brighten your day.


I just looked at my actual blog and it's a bit confusing. Just to clear things up, the "Today I..." section should really be called "Yesterday I..." because I technically posted it on May 20 at like 12:10am. So sorry for the confusion. No one reads this anyway, but at least I will know when I reread this thing in like 20 years, right?

Blogging with Conan
This has become a nightly ritual...me, my blog and Conan. It's actually quite nice. It allows me to think about my day while relaxing with a little comedy at the same time.

Wanted: Summer running partner
Tonight was night 1 of "running" with Rebecca and I already know it's not going to work out. I don't think we even made it five minutes running. She's great to chat with, but I need someone who can at least make it 20 minutes, 25 minutes of running would be even better...that's what Brittany and I were up to before school ended. Is there anyone else out there? I might have to resort to running alone at night. It's already way too hot to run during the day and I really don't want to wake up early and do it. I think I would be okay at night as long as I run around campus. There are always people around and mostly safe people, no scary rapist types out to get me. I guess I'll just wait and see. Maybe Claire will want to run and then I can save Rebecca for nice nightly walks.

Another worthless assignment
I think I wasted a good hour and half today at work doing the stupidest homework project ever. Brittany was supposed to design a daycare and then go online at find the prices for the things in her daycare. Only it wasn't just, "How much do the carpet squares cost?" It was find the price of EVERYTHING...pens, paper, markers, diapers...do you know how much stuff is in a daycare? A hell of a lot and I really don't feel like finding the prices of everything. So, screw you Brittany's Child Development teacher. Your project is a huge waste of time!


Clearly I have a lot of time on my hands, hence the post every day.

Today I...
1. Saw a turtle crossing the road.
2. Saw a turtle get run over while attempting to cross the road. (Really it was asking for it. What turtle in their right mind would cross highway 63?)
3. Went running on the Katy Trail (felt great except for the fact that it was the warmest part of the day and it made me miss running with Brittany.)
4. Found out Rebecca wants to start running. So, while I still miss Brittany, I have a new running partner.
5. Had a PB&J sandwich for dinner. I have forgotten how much it sucks living on your own and having to cook for yourself.
6. Discovered that I'm horrible when it comes to turning the lights off after I've been in a room. I was walking around earlier and every light in the place was on.
7. Rediscovered Kazaa...I'm back to downloading music. I must do something to keep myself entertained.
8. Watched the finale to The Bachelor and for once I'm happy with the results. It probably won't last, but I'm a sucker for reality TV.
9. Checked my grades for the semester. They turned out much better than anticipated. This is good because my GPA is pretty much the same, but now I have to reconsider my minor. I wanted to change it because I thought Genetics was going to be a bust, but after passing with flying colors maybe I should just stick with it. Here comes my indecisiveness again...
10. Made my bed. Tonight I can sleep in my own bed and hopefully get a better night's sleep than last night.

Goodnight blog, it's been real.


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!
Last night was a little scary here alone. It didn't help that there was a thunderstorm warning and that I hadn't made my bed so I had to sleep in the living room next to a big window. I have no idea when I finally fell asleep, but it seemed like I was awake forever. The first thing I did this morning when I woke up was make my bed. Now at least I can lock myself in my bedroom tonight. However, I'm not quite sure how that will go either. This place makes a lot of strange noises. I'm starting to think that maybe monsters, ghosts and the boogie man really do exist. Good thing I don't really have anything to do...I think I may need a nap today. I sure hope Claire decides to come to CoMo early.

Day 1 in Apartment 105
My summer in Columbia officially began today. After a little dusting and a few Glade plug-ins, I think the place will work out just fine for the summer. It's a little lonely right now because I'm all by myself, but Claire will be here shortly and tomorrow I'm going to go bother Rebecca for a while. It's very strange to be here alone; I've been in this apartment numerous times, but the previous owners have always been here with me. I feel like I'm not supposed to be here and that at any moment one of them is going to come home and wonder what the hell I'm doing in their house.

Only in the movies
Goodbyes are completely different in real life than they are in the movies. Take Friends for example. Who really takes the time to tell everyone individually how they feel about one another. I loved my roommate this year and it was really hard to say goodbye to her last Friday. In all honesty, I did a really bad job of telling her just how much I will miss her, but at the same time, I didn't want to break down in tears and cause a big scene. So instead I opted for the simple hug and the "have a nice summer." Blahhh...How generic. Couldn't I have come up with something better? Most definitely. So, sorry Brittany. It was an amazing year and I don't know that I could have survived the Zeta Tau Alpha house without you.


What a day
Do you ever just have a week where you feel disconnected from everything and sort of stuck in this mindset of feeling sorry for youself? Or of just not really wanting anything to do with what's going on around you? Don't worry, this doesn't happen often to me, but it's kind of been one of those weeks. I'm sure it's a combination of school ending and friends leaving, but it just hasn't been the best. So anyway, I was feeling pretty shitty and then I got an e-mail from one of my friends who is graduating this weekend. It was probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me (granted it was sent to 50 other people), but nonetheless it was really sweet. She's one of those people who just cares too much about everything she does. She is super dedicated and will go far in life because she puts 110% into anything she does. This e-mail put a ray of light into my otherwise dull week. It seems like people don't like to tell each other how much they are appreciated anymore and so to hear so many nice words about how a group of people touch one person's life is truly amazing. My mom told me this when I graduated high school and she made me write all of the teachers that I actually liked in high school to tell them how great they were. At the time I went along with the idea, but basically just to humor my mom. Now I know what she means. Being told that you are appreciated and valued are two of the greatest things a person can be told; it makes you feel worthwhile and purposeful.

Ok, that's enough of me gushing. Oh, I'm also finished with my junior year in college...yippie!


I hate school and Hardy Weinberg too
Good thing I'm almost done, because if there were anymore weeks left I might be forced to become a drop out. In my true studying style, I have waiting until this afternoon to study for my Genetics test. While this would be fine for any other subject, Genetics is different. You see, I don't learn anything in lecture because it's impossible to keep up with Dr. David's randomness. There is no direction and his handwriting is like reading hieroglyphics. I started doing our Problem Sets that are supposed to help us prepare for the test and it was an absolute waste. We were taught the Hardy-Weinberg equation that is supposed to help us solve the problems. However, we apparently were only taught the first way to use the equation because the problems that I have been doing are not coming out right. This isn't my problem either. No where in our notes does it tell me how to find the equilibrium frequency.


Procrastination is my middle name
It is now 5:10pm and I have a French 2 final in 50 minutes. Why am I not studying??? The answer is I just can't. I can't focus. Everytime I try to look over my notes or read the book I just fall asleep. This could be due to the fact that I just don't care. I got a 96% on the midterm without studying and although this final does cover more material, I'm not all that concerned about my grade. I'm the only one in the class that ever answers any of our teacher's questions. I understand all the verb tenses and supposedly that's the hardest part, so why should I even bother wasting my time? I probably should be reviewing the random grammar notes that no one really pays attention to, but I think instead I'll just go check my e-mail. Happy finals week everyone!

Is it sad that...
I'm not going to lie, it's been a couple of days since I've signed on to blogger, but my how things have changed. There is a new sign in window and new templates to choose from. Is it sad that I get excited about the new blogger format? I usually like change, so maybe this just goes along with my flexible personality, but regardless, I hope you like the new look. If I can figure it out, I'm going to put up a picture...there's a spot for it on the new template...ohh, ahh.!

Finals Week=Free Food
The last week of each semester is supposed to be dedicated to nonstop studying with little sleep and high stress levels. Well this has never really been the case for me. Last semester I only had one final and this semester it's 2 with a final paper. Really it's not bad at all considering I'll be done with my junior year on Wednesday at 10am. To me finals week is really about the free food. Our house has finals food every night at 9 and there are several free "midnight" breakfasts around campus. (They trick you though because they say midnight, but they mean it starts at 10 and ends at midnight, so you are SOL if you come at 12:00) I'm also not a huge fan of finals week because it lacks structure and therefore makes me want to do nothing. This scares me a bit because when I'm done with school and my whole life lacks structure, what will I do?

One question answered
I was in Indianapolis this weekend for my best friend's graduation and I think I finally decided that I want to live in a big city whenever I decide to end up somewhere. I met my mom in St. Louis on Thursday and we went out to eat and then saw Movin' Out at the Fox and I just felt like I was in my element. I like all the people around (partly because I just like to people watch) and I like all of the possibilities of things to do. There are so many more opportunities to learn from people and to experience new things, that I really just think that I want to live in/near a major city. Last night we went to this German beer garden in downtown Indy and I loved it. There were so many different types of people , good, decently priced beer and a live band...it was very chill and something that I could get used to. I haven't really explored the bar scene in Columbia all that much, but I was very impressed with what Indy had to offer.