Let there be pictures!
I did it, all by myself. I successfully scanned and posted pictures to my blog. I'm sure there is a better way to do it, but this works for me. I hope you enjoy!

Stephanie, Danna, me, Dana and Lori ready to suprise Christie for her 21st birthday. Posted by Hello

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Oh what a night
The title isn't exactly accurate because it was really a whole day of fun, but it will do. Yesterday I went with Andrea and her friend Eva to St. Louis for a party that Kenny, another one of Andrea's friends was having. We started the day off with an awesome road trip. The day couldn't have been nicer, so we had the windows down and the radio blasting. We got to Kenny's house around 4:00 and proceeded to drink for 8 hours, finally stopping at midnight. It was insane. I have never drank that long in my life and I think that after today's hangover I won't EVER be drinking that much again. He had 2 kegs and a ton of jell-o shots and it was all free and so it was really hard to turn down the free drinks. He had a kiddie pool and a slip and slide set up in his backyard and then a little food tent too. It was really quite impressive and very well put together. At about 6:30 Andrea, Kate, Lizzie and I decided we better alternate our drinks beer and water so that we would make it the entire night. We held out like troopers, but all faded pretty fast once 12:00 rolled around. Andrea had to be back in KC at 1 because she was going to see Rent with her family, so we woke up entirely too early and I was back sleeping in Columbia at 10:00. All and all I had a wonderful time. Turns out I have met Kenny and some of his friends before because they lived with Pete and Andy freshmen year. Pete's girlfriend was there and so were some other random Mizzou people that I knew, so that just made the night that much more enjoyable. Too bad tomorrow's Monday and I have to be up so early. I think I may need one more day to recover.


A very good night
At about the end of May I thought this was going to be the worse summer ever. It seemed like no one was around and I was going to be stuck watching primetime television every night on the 5 channels that we get that are actually worth watching. Then about 2.5 weeks ago things changed, drastically. It's kind of like all of a sudden I have more friends than I thought. I know that sounds bad, or weird, or something, but it's kind of true. I went from having very few people, to more than enough and it's great. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by so many people who are just truly wonderful to be around.

Tonight I met about 6 girls from my house at Big 12 and we all just sat around chatting and drinking and just having a really nice night. The quote of the night was definitely "Everything's bigger in Texas," because these two random guys started talking to us and they were apparently from Texas and trying to imply that their "you-know-what's" were "bigger" because they were from Texas. Whatever...it was funny, really funny to a table full of half drunk girls. On Saturday I'm going with Andrea and a few other girls to St. Louis to a party that one of her friends is having. According to Andrea it's an all day thing with slip and slides and free beer. Sounds good to me and we will be back early on Sunday so I can take the day to recuperate before another LONG week of work. Oh work...good thing this coming weekend is the 4th, I think I need a break from everything.

"What you are doing is illegal"
I may be living on the street sometime soon. Well, not really, but I guess the landlord of this place is pretty pissed that we are living here and she didn't know about it. I understand she's liable for a lot of people and there are people in this world who would be more than happy to screw her over, but I'm not one of those people. I'm only going to be here for about 20 more days, so can't she just be happy that she's getting money and let us be? I don't know what's going to happen; she said she's get back to us after we called the guys. (What good is that going to do??) So that's the story, until then I'll be sitting around waiting for her to "get back to us."


The best place on earth.
Today while I was waiting for my oil to be changed I was reading Rolling Stone Magazine and found perhaps the best website ever. It's www.zappos.com and if you like shoes, you'll love this place. Even if you don't like shoes, but need some, you might want to check this out. They have free shipping and free return shipping. It really doesn't get much better than that, plus they have more shoes than I've ever seen in my entire life.


I was going through stuff in my room tonight and I found all these fun spa-like treatments. I found Satin Hands and Satin Lips from Mary Kay and then this mud mask that my mom got me a long time ago. So, I decided to have a mini spa night. It was quite lovely and now I feel very clean and refreshed. Perhaps waking up at 7am tomorrow morning won't be so bad now that I have soft hands, lips and a clean face.

I love pictures!
I'm currently in the process of getting pictures that Therese has taken from her digital camera. If there are any cute ones I will try and figure out how to post them on this. It took me like 2 hours to figure it out the first time and I think that was just luck. Maybe one day when I'm feeling very patient.


It was a nice day for a White Wedding
Yesterday was Brittany's mom's wedding. The ceremony and reception were both outside and it was really a lovely night. It was probably about 65 degrees outside and the whole reception was around a pool and gazebo...quite nice. At first I thought the night was going to be really long and boring because I just work for them and so I don't really know a lot of their extended family. Luckily Brittany's physical therapist was there and I see her every week with Brittany. She's only about 5 years older than me and so the two of us just parked it at a table and drank wine and commented on the people. We started talking about the fact that this was not the first marriage for either the bride or the groom which made us question the value of their vows to each other. They have both looked into someone else's eyes in the past and said "I will love you forever," so what worth does it have to say it again? I understand things happen and people change, but why are people always so eager to tie the knot. We talked about this A LOT in my sociology class this year and it really did make me wonder what the huge obsession is with marriage. I think that it is something that we are taught at a very young age to expect in life. Society says we all should grow up, go to school, fall in love, get married, have children and live happily ever after. However, given the divorce rate in the country, there is no "happily ever after." I'm not saying that I never want to get married or that I think that this whole progression through live is wrong, I just think some people get married because they feel obliged and they don't really sit down and think what's best for them.

I'll get off my soap box now.

On Wednesday Addie was here for a short while and I got to go to Shakespeares and catch up with her and hear a little about her year in Spain. Then, on Thursday Andrea came and stayed here until Saturday. We went out both nights, first to Harpo's and then Big 12. I really haven't gone out a whole lot this summer and so it was great to be out and about being social. The best thing is that I spent a total of $10 the entire weekend. At Harpo's I just paid to get in the door and then my first drink and then after that we sat with some guys who were very cool about sharing beer. At Big 12 I also paid to get in and then Andrea and I split a $2 pitcher of Bud Light. I love being in a college town with cheap alcohol. It was also really great to have Andrea around. Europe changed her slightly, but I think it's for the better. We decided that we lost touch a bit last year so we are both making more of an effort to see and talk to one another more often. I'm very glad she's back!

For Father's Day my dad wanted to go to a Cardinal's game. Well it just so happens that the Cards and Cubs play this week, so I'm going to a game!! This Tuesday I'll meet the boys in STL for one of the best things of summer...baseball!


Maybe I should do laundry more often
Tonight I decided it was time to do some laundry. This was only the second time that I have done laundry in the month since I've been here, so I figured it was about time. As I walked in the facilities there was a guy emptying his clothes out of the washer and into the dryer. He made a comment about how he was sweaty and doing laundry and how that sort of defeated the purpose and I politely responded with an "at least you are doing laundry." He then proceeded to ask me my name, where I was from, my major, where I lived, if I would be having any wild parties that would keep him up, etc, etc. I'm not going to lie, I would consider this guy datable material and now wish I would have stuck around longer. However, as I was leaving he told me not to be a stranger next time I saw him. Who knew the people here could be so friendly. I think I may make laundry a daily task and see who else I can meet.


The past 4 days...
This past weekend I went to Indianapolis and participated in a Relay for Life that Therese's sister helped organize. I did walk all of my 3am-6am shift and I raised about $100, but looking back now I wish I could have done more. One of my grandma's died from breast cancer and the other one is just now recovering from colon cancer. I feel like because of them I should have done more or tried harder to raise money. I realize I'm just one person, but the issue is very close and personal for me. I think in the years to come I would like to contribute more to the fight against cancer. I'll let you know if I ever need your help.

I also got to hang out with Therese for 2 days, which is always loads of fun. The past two times I've been to Indy she has joked about me going to Grad School some where nearby so that we can be roomies. As the time is getting closer and I'm trying to decide what I want to do, this may also become a possibility. I think that we would be good roommates and there is a program at IUPUI that I would be interested in. Boston is still number one on my list, but perhaps Indy wouldn't be a bad second choice. I just hope Therese is being serious; I would hate to intrude. (T, would I be intruding??)

Frugality or Stupidity?
Claire and I are trying to be cheap this summer and so we have opted to leave to air conditioning off. This really hasn't been a huge problem yet because neither of us are really here during the day. It's nighttime that may be a problem. So far it hasn't caused me to buy 3 fans and sleep with no clothes and sheets, but if it comes to that I may just go ahead and turn the air on. One plus is that I'm becoming used to the heat and I also don't feel like eating as much. Perhaps I can start the next "South Beach Diet," it will be simple...be as hot and as uncomfortable as possible and this will make you not want to eat and you will therefore lose weight. I'll let you know how it goes in about a month.

Good Luck Tim!
Tim has an Exercise Physiology test tomorrow and I would just like to wish him the best of luck. I distracted him from his studies this evening and so if it goes bad, it can be all my fault. I'm sure he will kick some ass though!


Oral-B Brush Ups...this makes me laugh
Can anyone use one of these with a straight face?

11 hours total today

Springfield High School
Last night I talked to Rafiq and today when I checked my e-mail I had not 1, not 2, but 3 e-mails from different people from high school. I was a bit surprised because I honestly haven't talked to most of the people that I graduated with since the summer before college, however I sort of regret it now. I'm in a nostalgic mood so bare with me, but to me high school represents some of the best years that I've had with many great friendships, and somehow I just lost touch with most everyone. From what I've heard everyone is doing great things and being over-achievers like always. Soon I hope to see some of these people again.


"Money, Money, Money, Mon-ey!"
I get to work two jobs tomorrow! This is the best news I've heard all year! How about I end everything with an exclamation mark!


The third times the charm
Normally I post at the end of my day so I can write about all that happened, how I was feeling, etc. Well today I decided to mix it up a bit and apparently that was a mistake. After I finished blogging, did a little chatting on the phone and then a little cleaning, I sat down to watch the 10 o'clock news. Turns out there was a body found about 4 blocks from here in my old neighborhood on East Campus. Granted the place has its fair share of "different" people, but I never expected a dead body to be found. The person was a 23-year-old Mizzou student who was found in the yard of some apartments. They have no idea why he was killed or how he ended up in the random yard. They interviewed people who lived in the apartment and the place was less than a block away from where I lived last year. It's all a bit scary and I'm glad that Claire is coming tomorrow so I don't have to sleep here by myself anymore.

Last thing...the loud girls from upstairs are back, just when I was beginning to think I might make it the whole summer without hearing them go at it with their boyfriends.


I almost forgot
I know I've mentioned this before, but I love looking at the ads on the top of my blog. For a while they were all about sorority stuff, but the latest ones have to do with being Mormon. Apparently the recruiting doesn't stop at your door step. They've taken on cyberspace too.

Who wants to go to the movies?
Yes, I know that I am 21 years old, but I really want to see Harry Potter 3 sometime in the near future. Does anyone want to go too???

My summer thus far
Reasons why this summer may turn out alright after all...
1. Claire comes tomorrow!
2. I've seen Danna twice in the past 3 days. I thought she may be hanging out with the bf all summer, but turns out she still remembers me!
3. It's finally sunny outside! I spent much of Saturday outside trying to soak up the sun.
4. Andrea called me and is back in KC. Hopefully she will be making her way to COMO sometime soon.
5. On Thursday I will get to see Therese again. I'm going to Indy for a Relay for Life and will get to spend at least 2 days there.
6. Rebecca and I are starting "Operation Lose 10 Pounds" tomorrow!
7. I'm working about 25 hours a week which means more time for the pool!

Reasons why this summer still needs some improving...
1. I have about $30 in my checking account and I don't get paid until the 20th.
2. I still don't know if I can work at the day care. Will my background check ever come back, or is that one drug deal gone bad holding things up? (Just kidding Mom)
3. The radio in my car is the most worthless piece of junk. Every time I accelerate or hit a bump or brake it turns off. Sometimes it comes right back on and other times it doesn't. There's nothing like driving to Ashland in dead silence.
4. Because of #7 on the above list and #2 on this list, I have a lot of free time. I really need to find a hobby, or another job, or maybe just become an alcoholic and hang out at random bars. I need something to pass the time.


Happy Birthday Greg!
I haven't talked to the kid since Greek Week, but Lauren called me earlier this week to tell me about her birthday and then mentioned that it was also Greg's birthday today. I then called Greg to ask if he wanted to go to Lauren's b-day bash and in the process I found out that he's in Columbia and wanted to go to Harpo's for his 21st. So, tonight I dragged Rebecca with me and together we helped Greg celebrate being legal. Unfortunately I missed a majority of his celebrating because I had to work, (he had been at Shiloh for 5 hours and had taken 19 of the 21 shots) but I met drunk, happy Greg at Harpo's. He ended up leaving at about 10:30 without making it to 21 (but it was a mighty good effort). While I was out for the first time this summer I ran into several people I haven't seen in a while. Meagan Rippel was there (and I found out she is here for the summer too). I also saw Jason from freshman year and met his girlfriend and I chatted with a couple of people from Homecoming and Greek Week stuff. So all in all it was a fun night out. Hopefully there will be more to come as the summer goes on.

You can stop feeling sorry for me
Maybe that should read "I can stop feeling sorry for myself." Not that I do, because I don't...well here's what I mean. This coming Monday is the start of summer school, which means people will be back in Columbia. Claire comes sometime this weekend and Ashley and Lizzie will be back from their vacations. It also makes me happy that Andrea will set foot in the US tomorrow, and Addie will also be back sometime soon. I will once again have friends on this continent!!! This summer is shaping up quite nicely.


Welcome to Wally World!
This is what my dad says anytime he sees or goes into a Walmart and so whenever I set foot inside a Walmart, that's the first thing that comes to mind. He says the phrase in the craziest voice that used to mortify me as a teenager trying to act cool to the entire world around me. Now I just embrace it as part of my dad; he's little goofy, but that's why I love him so much.

Today marked about week 3 for me here in Columbia and some of my food was in dire need of replacing. My bread was molding and the lettuce was definitely a lovely shade of greenish-brown. I also needed to pick up some other toilettries and so I opted for the Super Walmart instead of a regular grocery store to do my shopping. First, let me say I hate Walmart. I don't really hate it for the same reasons as most. I've heard many say they don't like it because it's destroying the "Mom and Pop Stores." While this is true, and I guess that just makes me not like Walmart even more, the real reason that I don't like the place is the people. No one ever knows how to drive their cart; they are also loud, obnoxious and inappropriate. While I was picking out my soap tonight, this little girl was being tugged by her mother and screaming, "I don't want a whooppin' when we get home!" Pure class if you ask me. I really just hate the whole grocery shopping experience in general. It normally takes me a good hour to find everything that I need and to me it's a complete waste. Why should it take an hour to buy food? I always forget something and have to go back and then it takes me forever to figure out which brand of yogurt I should buy. Hopefully I can put off the next trip for as long as possible.


I'm back.
I was sitting around Saturday night, a little bored and a little homesick, so I decided to go home and pay a visit to the fam. It was a nice visit, I got money and a few homecooked meals...what more can a girl ask for? The only reason why I had to come back today was to work at 4. Turns out I got to work 8 hours today which makes me and my poor checking account very happy. If only I could work 8 hours everyday...

Since my blogging hiatus of 2 days, much has changed. I think that this blog now reaches a grand total of 4 people...thanks to Traci (who also commented) and Therese (the greatest friend a girl could ever ask for) This blog is mainly my attempt to record what happens in my life on a day to day basis with a few commentaries from time to time. I'm glad that I can share it with others, especially those who I don't talk all that often.

Finally something to brag about
Mizzou basketball needed a bit of good PR after its last NIT ending season and possible NCAA violations. I think the whole school owes Kareem Rush a thank you for proving to the country (well at least anyone who watched the Laker game) that MU basketball is capable of producing something worthwhile. So, on behalf of the University of Missouri, thanks Mr. Rush!