"These are my confessions" (thanks Usher for the title)
Right now this blog is not what I had originally intended for it to be. I feel like it's full of random, petty things that aren't all that important and not what I really want to remember when I look back on this someday. Sure, there are some of you who I don't talk to all that often and so I can update you on my life through this thing, but to be honest, this blog started for purely selfish reasons. It's for me to look back on and see what I valued and felt at a particular time. I think that right now I'm not writing about that at all. Instead, it's full of silly things like, "I got paid today," and I don't think that in 6 months I'm really going to care that I got paid on July 16th. But whatever, I can't change the past, only improve on the future, so...

Tonight I'm feeling-
It has been a LONG time since I've dated anyone and it's starting to get a bit ridiculous. Now it seems like all my once single friends are now attached and I'm beginning to feel left in the minority. Perhaps I should consider becoming Catholic and then joining a convent. That way I won't have to worry about finding "the one." Worried isn't exactly the right word, because I'm not really losing sleep over the issue, it's just that it would be nice to be in a relationship right now. I consider myself a fairly independent women and I can fend for myself in a variety of situations, but there are times when it would be nice to go out for dinner or watch a movie with someone other than a friend. So for all my friends out there, if you know of a single guy who is at least 6 feet tall, send him my way! (Preferably tall, dark and handsome, but really I'm not all that picky.)


What to do, what to do?
Keeping with the ever present theme of "what am I'm going to do next year," I've just gotten another idea. While glancing at the top of my blog for the latest advertisement, I saw one for teaching children how to read in Cambodia and was instantly drawn to it. How wonderful would that be? I've always wanted to go someplace where the way of life was completely different from what I'm used to and some how make a difference. When I was thinking about OT school, there would have been a chance for me to go to South Africa and work with communities of people who needed help knowing how to do their daily tasks efficiently. I still have the desire to do something similar to this. One of my regrets from my college experience is that I haven't taken the chance to go abroad. Perhaps this is how I could do it...after I graduate, I could take a year off before Grad school and then join some mission group or the Peace Corps. I don't think that I would be too partial about what type of work I would be doing. I wouldn't mind doing physical labor like building houses or schools and I wouldn't mind teaching...English, math, life skills...whatever. I think that I would find the whole experience incredibly fulfilling and then I would feel like I could come back to the states with a clearer focus of what I would like to do in life. However, this all sounds very optimistic. I'm not really fully aware of all the problems in third world countries and so I could end up somewhere and then be totally overwhelmed by the whole situation. I could see myself wanting to do more than is physically possible for one person to do. Who knows, I guess I'll just call this option #57 on my list of what's next, because really I have no idea.


Who's next, Snoop Dogg?
Now that I'm in my new apartment, I am enjoying the perks of real cable.  This means more than 25 channels with more than just info-mercials and QVC.  What I'd missed the most was MTV, TLC, CNN and ESPN.  Now I have it all and more!  The past couple of days I have been watching coverage of the Democratic National Convention on CNN.  At night Larry King does these interviews/roundtable discussions with a group of about 4 people.  Last night Ben Affleck was one of the people in the discussion group.  Since when did the former partner of J-Lo become a political enthusiast???  He seemed to have some intelligent things to contribute to the conversation and he was very gung-ho about his hometown of Boston.  Way to go Ben!


These times are a changin'
It has been about a week or so since I've last updated you and much in my life is different.  First, the Blogger website is new, and from what I can tell improved.  I have moved into a new apartment and I love every minute of it.  It's brand spankin' new and I have a huge room with a very spacious closet.  I have also quit the job at the daycare.  I'm working for the next two weeks and then it's adios for me.  I've had my fair share of chaos and dirty diapers.  I also got new running shoes today and I tried them out on the Katy trail and they are spectacular.  I went to Triathletics and they let you try on the shoes and then test them out on a treadmill.  I'm very happy with my purchase.  Oh...and I finally got my paycheck from Boone County and so now I have money to buy food! 

Really, I have nothing of great importance to talk about.  I just feel as though I should post an entry.  Hopefully I will have an insightful entry coming up in the near future.


My Confession
I've kept this a secret from some for a while now, but I'm ready to let it be known that I like country music. I was first reintroduced to country when I started working with Brittany. She is a big fan of the genre and let me know who was worth listening to. Now, as I'm learning more and more songs, I'm also finding that more and more people listen to country. Tonight I went to Ashley's apartment and we ended up watching a CMA special on CBS with tons of country singers. This past weekend at the Lake, our background music of choice was the country station. And yes, it's true...2 of my presets on my radio are for country stations. So folks, it's true...I like country. Take it or leave it!


I did it and I'm sorry
One of the things I hate most is when people talk down to me or anyone else for that matter. Well today I did just that. I didn't mean to and I don't even think she noticed, but I noticed and I felt horrible. I was helping someone with a paper and she had to use APA format. With all of the psych papers that I have written throughout the years I've become very familiar with the good old APA. We were in the process of citing something in the paper and I don't even remember what I said, but I just thought I sounded like the biggest ass in the world after I said it. I shouldn't assume that everyone knows it's "(author, year)." when you cite. There's absolutely no reason for the average person to know that or to even care, so then why should I sound so supreme that I know this information? Normally I'm the one clueless on grammatical points, so I should know what it's like to feel stupid. Anyway, I'm sorry and I hope it never happens again.

A random thought of mine
I've been considering this for a while now, but it just came into my head again this very moment. I'm thinking of becoming a vegetarian. Here at school I hardly ever eat meat. I don't like to cook it because I'm always scared I'm going to do it wrong and then give myself some disease. I've eaten a lot of fruits, veggie burgers and salad this summer and I really haven't missed meat much at all. The only problem I have is that I couldn't keep it up at home. My dad would drop dead if I even mentioned the word vegetarian. He's a hard core meat lover and it would kill him if he knew I didn't want to eat meat anymore. So that's the dilemma. Maybe I could just be a part-time vegetarian and eat meat only when I'm home or perhaps out to eat. Who knows...


Working, Floating and Movin' on out
Here's a quick update on my daily adventures since my last post...
1. Work, well the day care, is driving me crazy. It's very chaotic and the kids are acting horrible. I would quit now, but Karen (my boss) is too nice and I know she needs help.
2. I went to the Lake (Lake of the Ozarks, but everyone around here just calls it "the Lake," so I have to be hip and call it that too.) this past weekend with some girls from my house and some AgRho's. It was my first real "Lake" experience and I must say it was pretty damn fun. Anne has a house on the lake with a dock, and a boat (that was broken) and a paddle boat. All we really did was lay out on rafts and drink A LOT, but it was a very fun time.
3. My mom and brother are coming next Wednesday to move me out of this place and into the new apartment. I called to "reserve" a Uhaul today and am very nervous about the whole situation. I am amazed at how much business they get, because really it's a shaddy operation. You have to call a day before you need the truck to see if it is actually in the area, so there is no guarantee that you will even have a vehicle when you need it to move. I will cross my fingers and hope for the best, but I'm frankly a little worried.
4. I'm still coughing, even with 2 inhailers and antibiotics...it sucks. If it doesn't stop by Wednesday I'm going back to the doctor. I think 5 weeks of coughing means there might be a problem.


Just call me Weezer
I was once told the reason why the band Weezer is called Weezer is because when Rivers was a small child he wheezed a lot and so they called him "the wheeze." That's all that I could think of during my 2 doctors visits in the past 3 days. Whenever I would take a deep breath, both doctors went, "oh, you've got a bit of a wheeze." The verdict is now in...I don't have walking pneumonia which was first suspected, it's just bronchitis...really horrible, awful bronchitis. I now have 2 inhalers and an antibiotic and I'm still coughing up a lung every 5 minutes. Hopefully it will go away soon because it hurts really bad to cough and I'm just plan sick of it.

Check this out.
I went to high school with this guy and I was reading his blog tonight and really liked his latest entry. We are all connected the the war in Iraq much more than any of us realize. Hopefully things will be resolved quickly and all of our friends, family and neighbors can come home soon.

2 weeks and counting
Two weeks from tonight I will be in my new apartment!!! I can't wait to move. The guy's place isn't that bad, but I'm very excited about living with Danna and Lori.


Highlights from my life
1. Today was pay day.
2. Brittany had her appendix taken out today. I hope she is feeling better. Thanks to this unfortunate event, I didn't have to work with her this afternoon.
3. Because I didn't have to go to Brittany's I worked at the day care for 8 hours...never again.
4. I'm going home tomorrow!
5. I don't have to work on Monday.
6. I have a pair of new shoes waiting for me when I get home!

As you can clearly see, nothing all that exciting is going on in my life. I just thought I would post for the hell of it.

Good night all.