I hate my life.
I just typed a long, some what personal post about my holidays and now it's gone. Blogger, you have won again!


I hope you enjoy!
For my birthday, I got a digital camera from my dad. I created a little photo post to go along with my Thanksgiving Dinner entry...I hope you enjoy.

Last Saturday we invited over all of our friends for a lovely Thanksgiving feast. The original plan was that we were going to cook a turkey and then everyone else would bring the side dishes. Well we waited until the night before to think about cooking the turkey, so we ended up buying pre-baked chickens at Wal-Mart. They actually tasted a lot better than I thought and I think that everyone enjoyed the chicken much more than the turkey that we probably would have ruined. I was a little nervous about the night just because I was worried that people wouldn't have a good time or that people would decide not to bring food. Turns out we had way too much food and for the most part, I think that everyone had a fabulous time. They may of had to do with the fact that we had 8 bottles of wine and a gallon of beer, but who's really keeping track!


Yummy! Aren't we all good cooks? Posted by Hello

All of the girls at the Thanksgiving dinner (waiting on the guys who were, as usual, late) Posted by Hello

Danna, Kimberly, Lori, Elizabeth and Ashley preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner. Posted by Hello


Highlights of the birthday celebration
1. Coming home to find my room decorated with penis-looking balloons, condoms, streamers, a "happy birthday balloon" and a "happy birthday" sign.
2. Having 2 of of my 3 classes cancelled.
3. The entire house singing "Happy Birthday" to me (twice).
4. A button that lights up and says "Today's my Birthday."
5. Happy Hour at the Berg.
6. Presents from my roommates.
7. Tons of birthday messages on TheFacebook.
8. Greek Week Serenades...yeah Zeta/PIKE/Phi Psi!
9. My mom and brother singing "Happy Birthday"

Thanks to everyone who made my 22nd such a great day!


I did not like it one bit
Today for three hours I sat in a room in Arts and Sciences with 6 other people and helped decide the future of Zeta. While that sounds like a prestigious job, looking back it felt more a huge gossip meeting with a ton of judging. When I agreed to do this about a month ago, I didn't consider the negative aspects of it. I was excited about interviewing people to find out why they wanted to serve ZTA so much, and figure out who had certain qualities that would help make Zeta even better. While I do feel like a good slate was developed, it still sucks a lot to know that we had to tell 8 people that they weren't chosen to lead the Chapter. I'm definitely the type of person who HATES when people are mad at me. Today I had to tell two people who were pretty much convinced that they would be slated, that they weren't. While I'm pretty sure they don't see it as my fault, I still feel somewhat guilty that I was the one to break the bad news. It's going to be very interesting when I go over to the house tomorrow. I just hope it passes and this whole experience can be over.


So much to say
About 3 weeks ago I named this week "the week of hell." I discovered that I had an insane amount of tests and papers, I had over committed myself at the house and I had to develop a SteerCo presentation on a theme, complete with logo and lots of creativity. Plus, two of my friends had birthdays and Tuesday was election night. Now it's Thursday night, my room is a disaster, I slept for 3 hours last night, Bush has 4 more years in office and I missed more classes this week than I have in a very long time. This may lead you to believe that my life is falling apart, but surprisingly enough, this week ended really well. I am now a member of the 2005 Greek Week SteerCo, on all of the tests that I took this week, I got no less than a "B." I managed to hang out with the old roomie who I haven't seen in a very long time and I voted for the first time ever. I've learned that if I just structure my day and don't waste it sleeping I can really get a lot done. Granted, I didn't eat dinner until at least 8:30 every night, but I still managed to commit to everything I said I would. (Except going out tonight...I sort of fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up until about 10:45.) Anyway, I'm glad this week is almost over. Hopefully the weekend will be filled with birthday presents since my dad is coming. I'm also going to try and update this thing on a more regular basis. If you are bored and looking for something to do, check this out. I didn't exactly get it at first and I'm still not sure I do entirely, but for some reason, it's addictive.


A day to either celebrate or move to Canada
I just got back from voting for the first time EVER. I don't know why I hadn't exercised my right to vote until today, but now I have an incredible feeling of satisfaction knowing that I did my part to determine the future of this country. Now, I just have to sit around and wait like the rest of the country to find out whether or not I need to drown my sorrows with some alcohol, or toast in celebration of a Kerry victory.