Another first
I met up with Andrea and friends at Big 12 Saturday night and we started talking to one of the guys we lived with in the dorms freshmen year, along with several of his friends. After the drink specials stopped at 12:00, the guys decided that they wanted to wonder over to another bar downtown and asked if Andrea and I would like to join them. We said yes, mainly because they offered to pay for our drinks and neither of us had heard of the proposed bar. After a longer than expected walk, we ended up at the bar, had a couple of drinks and then made our way home. I didn't think the bar was really anything spectacular...basically just a townie bar. Anyway, the point of all of this is that I was telling someone about all of this today and I couldn't remember the name of the bar. I knew it was something like "Scrappy's," and at this point my friend stops me and says, "Was it Snappers?" I say I think that sounds right and she proceeds to tell me that Snappers is a gay bar. I really had no idea at the time, but looking back on the evening, it all makes sense. There did appear to be a lot of males there, and most of them were together, with other males. But now I'm wondering, did the guys that took us to this bar know that it was a gay bar? As far as I can remember, I don't recall it ever coming up in conversation. Part of me would like to inform them, but the other part would like for them to discover it all on their own.


"Your mailbox has exceeded its limit"
I dread this message. For some reason I really like hanging onto all of the e-mails that I receive. I feel like they each (besides all the junk mail) have some importance since someone, somewhere took the time to send me a message. I have problems deleting messages from my mom and dad because when I'm here at school e-mail is our primary means of communication. I also like keeping e-mails that friends have sent me because every once in a while I go back and read them and each one serves as its own little journal entry. So, as you can see it's always a huge dilemma when my inbox fills up. Normally I manage to delete enough listserv messages and MU info's to clear up enough space, but sometimes even that's a little tough.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year
New years never really excite me much. There's always the intention to make a worthwhile resolution, but when it all comes down to it my desire for change never really lasts longer than a couple of weeks, so I've stopped making resolutions. This way I won't be disappointed when I don't stick with whatever new plan I've made for myself.

Having said all of that, I do have hopes for the new year. I want to live my days to the fullest and to focus on what I really want to do, instead of listening to everyone else's opinions on my future. Above all, I want a year of happiness as I end the chapter of my life as an undergraduate and move onto whatever may be next.