An end in sight?
I’ve been debating for a while about whether or not I want to quit blogging. I have a couple of reasons for this. First off, I never really want to make it too personal because I don’t want everyone in the world reading about my life and my innermost thoughts (although I rarely get that deep). Secondly, if I did want someone to know about what was going on in my life I would rather tell them personally than have them reading via my blog updates. However, I’ve kept this thing up for quite sometime and I hate to just abandon it. Every once and awhile I do go back to see what I was up to on a certain day. For that reason I kind of like this whole thing, but I’ve started another journal that’s just for me and I think that’s slowly replacing my blog. So, I think I’m going to give it a rest for a while and then when I think of a new purpose for this space I may be back.


*This was really 2 days ago, but I had a horrible internet connection, so I had to wait. Things are much more tolerable now.

Road trip, Lynn style
Today we left San Francisco and drove up the California coast. Somehow this trek lasted 8 hours...here's how the day went.
-My dad drove and every time we saw a lush hillside, blue water or a tall tree he would yell out, "Look at that beautiful country."
-My grandpa was pretty quiet for the duration of the trip, but every time he saw any sort of wildlife he would make the noise of the animal. So there would be silence and then a "moo" or "baa" from the passenger seat.
-My brother was my saving grace, but at about hour 4 of our trip he plugged into his portable DVD player and remained mute for a good 2 hours.
-And then there was me. All of the curves and steep hills made me a bit car sick and so I tried to sleep, but between my dad yelling and my grandpa mooing it was a little difficult. So I listened to my mini-disc player and took in the sights from the very cramped back seat.

PS. My grandpa paid $5 for us to drive through a tree. I have pictures to prove it.