My return
Yeah, I’m back…don’t get too excited

Lately I’ve been feeling like my job should be considered a form of birth control. Let me give you a little background. I’m a research intern and right now I’m reviewing the medical histories of children diagnosed with autism. These histories include everything, and I mean everything…like dating back to your mother’s father’s sister’s great cousin who is albino and can’t read. There are so many abnormalities one person can have, that it makes me think your chances are like 1 in 13020090 of having a “normal” kid. And these parents have to deal with the most outlandish things you could ever imagine. Some are clearly due to autism, but others make you wonder if the kid is just plain odd. What if I’m the mom of the “weird kid” and my son will only wear lime green socks and must carry around a hanger for comfort. I propose a sex ed class completely devoted to reading these medical histories. By about the 10th one I think people will start to get the hint.