The great and powerful...blog?
Sometimes I wonder if my blog isn't just a means of communication between myself and whomever is controlling my life. If you managed to read my last post than you would know that I was a little down in the dumps about life in general. Well today, during my 4-9 shift I discovered that my co-workers are actually social. After work 4 of us went to the pub down the street (yes, they call them pubs here...I think it's just one more way for New Englanders to pretend their European) for a few drinks. There's nothing that brings people closer together than a few drinks at the local pub. Apparently this is now a regular thing and ever Tuesday night will consist of drinks after work. I'm definitely game.

I also now finally have internet at my house. I honestly don't know what to do with myself. I was without cable and internet for about 3 weeks and was really not missing it too much. Now that I have both, I'm almost beside myself. Now there are too many things for me to waste my time doing.

One last thing
I hope Chase is still alive. I haven't talked to the guy in almost a week and I'm beginning to worry.


As good as it gets?

(I can't remember if I've already written about this or if it's just a reoccurring thought that I've had and I just now decided to post about it.)

I've been having this fear lately that I'm going to look back on my life and discover that my Mizzou years were the best years of my life and that nothing is ever going to compare. This thought is really frightening to me because I'm only 22 and if I've already had the greatest years of my life then what is there to look forward to? There is no way in hell that work can be half as fun as college and I feel like the only people I'm going to meet from here on out are from work. How great can those relationships really be? Whenever I'm with people from work a majority of the conversation is about work.

Right now I realize that I'm only 2 and a half weeks into my job, as well as a whole new living environment, but how much time do I have to wait before things feel normal again? My co-workers are all relatively the same age as me (no one is over 30) and I'm sure they have plenty of other things to talk about besides Billy being in time out all day. Don't these people want to go out and drink and just kick back and enjoy life? Working with these kids for 8-12 hours out of the day gives us all more than enough time to be immersed in Autism. Can't we have a little fun at the same time.

Classes start in about 2 weeks and I'm hoping that I will be able to meet more people there. Once I meet more people I'm sure things will start to feel much more normal.


Tuesday is "Call Abby Day"
I came home from work in a horrible mood. (This is very rare, but I managed to yell at some lady in HR at NECC and then I also made a really rude comment to my roommate...very unusual considering my personality.) So, I was fired up and decided to retreat to my room and chill out. I get to my room and good old Brittany B. called and managed to put me in a good mood instantly. Then, I got a call from Dana Martin and I haven't talked to her in forever, so we had a lovely chat. Then, to top it all off, it's Therese's b-day and so I got to talk to her too. After I finished this mini telephone marathon I was in a much better mood. I then decided to go to the gym (the 3rd day in a row!) to burn off any excess steam.

Tomorrow is moving day (again). I know that I really like one of the new roomies, but the other I'm not so sure about. She's Brazilian and doesn't really know a lot of English. Sunday was her birthday and she invited me and the other roomie out to dinner. It was a Brazilian restaurant. The food was good, different, but good. Then, at like 10:30 the place turned into some crazy Brazilian discothèque. Again, a totally new experience...definitely like nothing I would find in Springfield or CoMo.

Mark your calendars!
Finally, I have to decide my vacation days by Friday. As of right now I'm planning on coming home (Springfield and Columbia) the week of October 10th. This way I can make it home for bro's b-day and then go to CoMo for Homecoming. Get excited!


The Weekend Update
One word for the weekend, fab-u-lous! (well, almost). One of my roommates and I met up with Coulter and Ekey in Boston on Friday night. We drank and were merry...good times. We made it back to my casa for the night and then were up the next day to do it all over again. Saturday we went back to the city and then ended up going on the Sam Adams brewery tour. The tour itself was nothing too special (due to the lack of air conditioning and the mass amounts of people). After the tour, the drinking (free) began. Between the three of us we probably downed 2 pitchers (partly thanks to a very ambitious drinker behind us). The tour, aka free drinking, ended and we T'ed it back to the city. Ended up in the Fenway area at a bar, drinking more and totally emursed in the Red Sox mania. We then trekked it to the Cape, drank more with Ekey's paper friends and went to bed.

Sunday I woke up with a horrible hang over (after 12 hours of drinking, I guess it was to be expected). The boys were kind enough to drive me back to the Framiningham T station where I left my car Friday night. We pulled up to my car and much to my delight, I discovered my two front tires had been slashed. 3 hours, $275, and a crazy tow truck driver later I had new tires and the boys were off. I was sad to see them go...it was a great weekend and I know it may be a while before I see them again. However, I'm very glad they were around. It was my first weekend here and while my new roommates are lovely, I was very happy to see familiar faces.


Oh my goodness
You know the end of my last post where I said that this whole moving to Massachusetts thing wasn't really phasing me? Well it has definitely set in today. My mom left, so now I really am all on my own. Then, Danna called. It was wonderful to hear from her, but it made me really miss home and all of my friends and Mizzou and Zeta. So now, after another long day of running errands, I'm left sitting in my room alone. My roommates are just a door away and they are all perfectly nice, but it's not the same and now it feels like it's going to take forever before I meet the kind of people that I was friends with at Mizzou. I need to stop comparing everything to either Springfield or Columbia and just deal with the fact that things are completely different here. Today was the first day that I realized this is all going to take some getting used to.

At the same time, it hasn't really set in that tomorrow is the beginning of what will be occupying my time for at least the next year. I start a full time job tomorrow with all that grown-up stuff that I've never really had to worry about before. I'll have a salary and benefits and sick days and vacation days. I'll be one of those people who no longer has to worry about school and who is instead focused on work 24/7. (God, I hope I don't become one of those people...I want to go back to school.) There's more to life and I really hope that this whole NECC thing doesn't take up my entire life.


Welcome to Massachusetts!
After some very boring drives through northern Indiana and Ohio and ALL of New York state, I have finally arrived. Things have gone very smoothly; the Jetta made it safe and sound, my mom and I haven’t even come close to killing each other and I already saw my new house. We went for a drive after dinner this evening to just get a look at the place and my new roommate’s dad was standing outside. He was a nice fellow and new roomie (Lynlea) is also very cool. After freshman year at Mizzou I thought I going to be haunted my the “bad roommate curse,” but so far it seems as though I left that problem in the Midwest. Both of my roommates are international. Lynlea is from Canada (which I count as international) and Renata is from Brazil. I haven’t met her yet, but word on the street (Pleasant St, that is) is that she is a cool chick too. According to Lynlea they both want to take a road trip to NYC in the near future. All is well in the Mass.

Side Note: I think that I may not be human. I have never been nervous about this whole “life altering” moving/new job thing. There may have been a little apprehension when they told me last week that I wasn’t on the housing list, but after that little wrinkle was worked out, I’ve really been nothing but excited (and ready for my mom to leave so I don’t have to worry about making her cry anymore…she’s been very emotional lately about the fact that I’m now 17 hours away from home). So, I’m wondering--Is it normal that I’m not at all nervous/scared about the fact that my family and friends are more than 1100 miles away?


Reasons why moving to Massachusetts is going to be okay.
1. I finally got my housing assignment, so I don’t have to build a fort anymore.
2. I’m living in a house and not a huge apartment complex…hip hip hooray!
3. My house is within walking distance to the school that I will be working at.
4. I live on Pleasant Street. How lovely is that?
5. My temporary housing is only 2 houses away from my permanent housing…this is VERY good news.
6. One of my roommates is from Canada…she has to be cool.
7. According to MapQuest, there is a body of water within 300 meters from my house.

I think that’s enough. Visitors are now more than welcome to come and visit me. I leave Friday and will be moved in by Monday. I’m getting very excited!


T minus 4 days...
Yes, yes, that's about all of the time that I have here in the Midwest. While it's still not completely all settling in, I will be traveling half way across the country with my mom and all of me belongings on Friday. I still don't know where I'm living or who I'm living with, but hopefully all of that will be resovled tomorrow. That seems to be the only bad news thus far. Once I'm out there Claire, Coulter and Ekey should all be in the area within a week of each other, and due to a random turn of events, I don't have to ship anything. A lady that I worked with when I was a sub has a son who goes to Harvard. He's moving in about a week and so his mom and dad are driving his belongings from Springfield to Boston and they have extra room!!! All of the boxes I was going to ship can now tag along in their rented cargo van. It saves me postage and I will get to see familiar faces shortly after my mom leaves me. So, while I may be living on the streets for a good 3 weeks, at least I will have all of my stuff. Perhaps I could take all of my boxes and make a fort and then just live there for the year. I could make it homey and I'm sure my visitors would love it!