It's just a little crush.
So, I think I have a crush. We are talking 5th grade school girl crush where I may or may not blush whenever I see him. There's only one little problem...I don't know his name. Let me back up a little. During training I was introduced to a guy who would come into the cluster and then the teacher I would be observing would say, "It's time to go to Shiver." I thought that that guy's name was Shriver, but it turns out I was wrong. Shiver is not really a guy, but a place where our kids go for like 20 minutes and participate in some sort of operant conditioning project called Shriver. The guy that works for Shriver is constantly coming in and out of our cluster, so I see said guy several times throughout the day. We've had our fair share of chit chat as he comes and goes. I make jokes, he laughs. He gives me the friendly "hello" every time we pass one another in the hallway. I really think that our relationship is progressing quite nicely. I also saw him walking home from school last week. He must live around here somewhere, and being that there aren't a whole lot of houses around here I'm bound to run into him sometime. So, my goal after I get back from vacation is to figure out Shriver's real name. I'm thinking this will be a good first step. Then, when we see one another in the hallway I can say, "Hi (insert name), how's it going? After that I know he will want to marry me and have lots of babies.


The countdown begins.
One week from today at this very moment I will be home, or at least in the car with my family driving home. Usually I'm not one that really likes to go home all that much, but I think not seeing ANYONE from home in over 2 months would make anyone want to get in touch with their roots. It is very nice timing because my mom, brother and Therese all have Columbus Day off, so no one has to skip any school to see me. I think Therese is going to take Wednesday off so that we can hang out (possibly take a painting class?) and then on Thursday I'm off to CoMo to visit all the wonderful people of Mizzou. Through IM's and e-mails it seems as though plenty of people will be around for Homecoming weekend. I have this fear that I've built this visit up to be some grand reunion of sorts and that I'm going to be severely let down by the outcome. However, it is Homecoming weekend and so I don't think that I'm going to be too let down.

As for today, I'm going into the city again (this time driving, wish me luck). There's an Oktoberfest around Harvard Square that Claire and I are going to hit up and then we are going to go somewhere to catch the game. THE GAME. That's all anyone ever talks about around here. It's like a religion and one that is very hard to ignore. The news coverage is totally devoted to the Red Sox and anyone you run into has some sort of Red Sox paraphernalia. So, I've decided to become "one of them" and join the mania. What's better than baseball and beer on a beautiful fall afternoon in Boston? Have a great day!