Merry Christmas!

This is what I woke up to this morning. There were many presents under the tree leading up to today, but Lynlea's boyfriend got in last night and brought more presents and so when I got home around 2 last night it really looked like Santa had paid a visit to Pleasant Street.

The last couple of days have been quite nice. Many of our kids at work got to go home for the holidays, so things have been much more relaxed. Last night, after work, I went over to Carrie and Kristin's and a group of us had Christmas Eve dinner. It was quite an impressive meal. I made a chokes and cheese dip for the appetizer. For the main dish we had a roast, mashed potatoes, green been casserole, and monkey bread. We then finished off the night with wine and cheesecake. It was a very good night.

This morning, thanks to technology, I called home and got to open presents with my family. I think I got much more than I should have, but I'm really not complaining too much. After presents I went to work for 6 hours and then came home to dinner that Lynlea and Rob cooked up. After dinner we opened the remaining presents under the tree and talked about each of our holiday traditions. Lynlea's parents sent stockings for all of us and had some unique Canadian gifts inside...something that you pull with someone else and whoever gets the longer end makes a wish and then there is a hat and fun gift inside the thing. I got the long end 2 out of 2 times. Hopefully 2006 will be a year full of luck and good fortune for me!


Winter Wonderland

This is the view from my front porch. I took this picture about 20 minutes ago and in 2 more hours there should be about 3-4 more inches of snow. I'm so excited, it's making me giddy. However, my mom is still not here. She should have gotten here around noon, but due to the weather she is in Atlanta and will soon be flying to Cincinnati. There she is on standby for a flight to Boston at 7:2o and if that proves to be unsuccessful, there's another flight at 8:20. I feel really sorry for her, but she just called me and has apparently resorted to Christmas shopping at the airport. I think I'm getting a new red purse thanks to this lovely winter storm!

In other news, my hand got slammed in the van door yesterday on the way to school. I think I'll be okay, but it was my left hand and today I'm realizing how much I actually use my left hand. Every time I move it or touch something with it, shooting pains go up and down my wrist.

Also, tonight is the NECC holiday party. I was planning on going while my mom recuperated from her travels, but it looks like I may have to pick her up later than expected and so I might not go after all. I was very excited to see all of my co-workers all dressed up (besides the ones I hang out with on a regular basis), but now I'm thinking I'll just have to wait until next time.


Beer Pong and Flip Cup and Cranium, oh my!

Even in December the beach house in Rhode Island proved to provide tons o' fun. Mitch (guy making strange face in picture) and I had to work until 9, which put us a little behind everyone else, but we still managed to make pretty good time. We picked up Carrie (other girl in picture) from Fountain Head and were headed down 495 with the Beatles serenading us on the radio. We had to make a pit stop at a random gas station because Carrie forgot her toothbrush and I needed some advil. The cashier was a little too friendly and spent a good 5 minutes talking to us about some woman who just spent an hour waiting at a gas pump. We were polite, smiling and nodding, but we were in a hurry because we had some serious catching up to do once we got the the house. We arrived, thanks to my, to quote Mitch, "delicious navigating," and decided it was time to get our drink on. Beer pong was played. I've only played twice before but I still managed to carry my team most of the game. After beer pong came Ultimate Flip Cup (my personal favorite). The above picture was taken as a pre-game photo. Our team at school is called West 1 because the house is in Westborough, MA and so I think that explains why Mitch and Nick are flashing the "west side" sign. Anyhow, we lost. I didn't quite bring my A-game. Following flip cup the 3 of us that came late decided that we were not drunk enough, so we made our way up to the top balcony and shotgunned a beer. I think I cut my lip. It's sore today. Next came a dance party, followed by Cranium. Carrie and I decided we needed to try and make a come back from the last time Cranium was played. All was going well until someone got a little too serious and then stormed out of the room. None of us really expected the game to be played in its entirety and so I'm not really sure what the problem was. The night ended with "Never Have I Ever," and then some more of our protective measures that we use at work. I think I got bit during the struggle, but it was worth it. Sara even designated the side porch as time out.

This morning we all woke up entirely too early and decided a walk on the beach was a good idea. It was really cold and windy, but the water was just as lovely as it always is. We all decided to come back in the summer to fully enjoy the beach. After the walk, 6 of us said our goodbyes, thanked Sara who was finally awake and then headed back for the Mass. Breakfast at Friendly's was the perfect ending to one crazy drunken night. It reminded me of college and made me realize "college fun" can happen after college. Life is about the people and if you make the right kind of friends life can never really be too boring.