My phone is dying.

This morning as I was rushing out the door, much like I do every day, I dropped my phone on the floor...my hard wood floor. This has happened several times before and usually I just pick my phone up and walk out the door. This time, the battery flew off. I put my phone back together, turned it back on and thought nothing of it. Tonight, Lori called me and she sounded a bit crackily. Then, Sarah called me a little later and in mid conversation my phone went straight to white noise. I don't have a land line and so now I don't have a phone. I can test message people, but that's all that my phone is good for now. I guess tomorrow I will be heading to the Sprint store to see if they can fix my phone. I hope she's not dead...I really like my phone. But now I feel like my right arm is missing. It's really sad how dependent I am on a silly cell phone, but now all of a sudden I feel completely disconnected from the world. Hopefully I'll be back in business soon.


Back to Beantown
Tonight is my last night in Illinois before I hop back on a plane and head back to Boston. I start work at 8 o'clock on Wednesday and to be quite honest, I can't wait to get back into the swing of things. Don't get me wrong, I love having a week off of work, but I'm also a creature of habit and I can't wait to get back into my routine. I'm about 90% sure that I'm going to start in the Northwestern program for the fall, but until then I've decided to take a class in the clinical psych program, mostly so I don't forget what it's like to have to go to class and study. At first I thought that this was a complete waste of $200, but while I was home my mom informed me that our car insurance company is giving me a discount because I'm a student, and so it's probably a good idea that I continue being a student so that my insurance remains low.

So that's that. Not very exciting, I know, but I needed to take a break from my laundry and packing.


My mind is never made up.

So I'm home for my second of five vacations from work. Last time I came home, I went back to Boston and was convinced that I would only stay out there for a year and then move back here. However, now that I'm home I know that I could never move back here and live at home. So...forget everything I said about 2 months ago. My plan, which really was the original plan, is to apply for the ABA Master's program and graduate assistant position so I can work and go to school and be board certified in 3 years. Done deal.

Also, after reading my comments from the last post (thanks everyone...it's nice to know someone reads this thing) I feel like I should clear something up. I'm not a "runner." I find it really funny that people are finding my little web log through running. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy going for the occasional run, but if you looked up "runner" in the dictionary, I would not be there. I run for 1 reason...it burns calories faster than riding a bike and I don't really like the elliptical. So that's that. I've come clean.


My worst nightmare.

It the spirit of New Year's resolutions I decided to head to the gym for an intense workout. I was about 12 minutes into my 45 minute jog when I spot out of the corner of my eye a camera crew entering the gym. Let me just say that when I work out I hate running into people that I know, let alone a camera crew from the Fox station in Boston. At about the 10 minute mark I start to sweat and turn bright red. Now, thanks to the news wanting to cover the surge in gym-goers with the new year, there's a chance I will be seen running on the local Fox newscast tonight. Just my luck.

Here's to you, 2006!

Let me start off by saying that I usually hate New Year's Eve. The whole thing is very anti-climatic. As soon as Christmas is over everyone is asking, "What are you doing for New Years?" and I never really have a great answer. Last year there was New York, which proved to be a success, but I'm going to have to say that this year in Beantown topped the New Year's celebration in NYC.

I guess looking back, the night was bound to be great. Therese was in town, and everyone from work wanted to go to the city and find a low key bar that wasn't full of a bunch of skanks decked out for the New Year. (Side note: My new friends are wicked cool...just ask Therese.) Since this was the general consensus, we opted out of buying high priced tickets into some night club and thought we could be successful finding a bar on our own. We all ended up meeting at Quincy Market and walked around the block looking for the perfect spot. Door after door had posted signs advertising ridiculous covers or "private party only." It was getting close to midnight and we were about to loose hope and just go back to the Quincy market food court to begin pounding back Sam Adams, when all of a sudden Mitch found the perfect place and paid the $10 cover for all of us. The bar was small, cozy, and full of people who were by no means obnoxious. It had a pub-like feel, but a little more American. At first there were no tables, but by 11:45 we were set at a round table very close to the bar with a round of champagne to bring in the New Year. A very cool waiter came around and passed out New Year’s hats and topped off our glasses before the official countdown began. The bar had 1 TV and I think it was turned to ESPN. There was a countdown, but I swear the numbers on the screen stopped at 15. We kind of missed the actual new year, but managed to create a countdown of our own. We toasted and we merry.

After that things are kind of mixed together. I know there were lots of shots, some vodka and cranberry juice and some Bass. We were all pretty wasted, but it was a happy, celebratory drunk. No drama, only good times were had. I called plenty of people and send my apologies because I was told later that I would stop yelling "Happy New Year." I also know I sang the Mizzou fight song on the way to the T. After I was on the T, it gets even fuzzier and I don't really want to embarrass myself anymore.

The moral of this post is that I think that 2006 is going to be amazing. While the above makes it look like it will be full of drunken debauchery, I think it will be a year where I really learn a lot about myself. Being out here has taught me many things, and as I get more and more comfortable in my surroundings, I think I will take away even more from this whole experience. In 5 short months, I've learned what it's like to live on my own and have no one but myself to depend on. At the same time, I've managed to discover a fabulous group of friends. We've all come from different areas (Illinois, Tennessee, Michigan, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Canada) with different life experiences, but somehow we've bonded. Bonded because we knew no one and took a chance to come here and try something new as we continue on this journey we call life. We are all stuck in the middle, not wanting to leave the college years behind, but at the same time knowing we can't stay there forever. This is why I'm here and throughout this up and coming year I hope I only learn more about myself and know that I'm here for a reason and maybe shouldn't be so quick to judge and change my mind about my decisions.