I love New Englanders...no really, I do.

I like to travel, but today I had one of the most enjoyable trips back to Boston. I don't know if I was wearing a sign that said, "I went to a funeral today," or if I just looked really approachable and friendly, but it seemed like everyone I was around was both nice and chatty. It started with the flight attendant on the Springfield to Chicago plane. She was much more chipper than the average flight attendant when I got on the plane and then commented on my cute, green bag as I was getting off the plane. Then, as I was getting on the next plane I saw that I had the middle seat between two guys. The guy on the aisle was still standing, so I politely and somewhat jokingly told him not to get too comfortable because I was sitting in the middle. We ended up talking the whole way from Chicago to Boston. He lives in the next town over from here and has lived here his entire life. He was extremely nice and offered lots of advice about living out here and mentioned many places for my friends and I to try on our weekends and vacations. He had two young children, 3 and 1, and I almost offered up my babysitting services (I miss hanging out with "normal" kids), but I didn't want to cross the line into "strange girl" category. We continued our conversations all the way to the baggage claim where we said our goodbyes. Then, as soon as I walked out the door, a very friendly woman and her husband asked me if I had seen the Framingham bus. I told them that's the one I was waiting for, and no, I hadn't seen it and once again we started talking. To me, this couple seemed like the type who now have children my age and are very interested in the young adult segment of the population to try and get a feel for what the future will hold. They were very interested in my work, my future and where I came from.

Everyone I came across today was from the New England area. Typically this group of people doesn't have the reputation of being the friendliest bunch. However, each person that I interacted with today was a joy, and in a small way helped to make a really rough day that much more bearable.


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That's really nice when that happens. I was going into central London on the tube the other day, and I just thought to myself when was it that I stopped looking people in the eye? I used to stop and have conversations with people, now I avoid it completely.

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