Normalcy is Great.

My life is finally feeling like I want it to, like I am really in control. I've come to accept the fact that I have indeed graduated from college, but life isn't over. The whole full-time employment thing isn't half bad, and when you add a little grad school on the side, my life couldn't be more ideal. I have a job doing what I like that pays the bills, but there is so much room for exploration and growth that it almost makes me giddy. I've settled into a routine, (I'm usually not one for routines, but this I feel is a good thing right now) but I know that this routine isn't going to last forever because I still have lots 'o stuff I want to do. That being said, the right here and now is great. My life feels normal.

I am also anxiously awaiting the changing of seasons. I realize I still have a good month left of really cold weather, but there is an end in sight. There has already been much talk within my group of friends about cook-outs and weekends on the Cape. I can't wait! I do enjoy actually experiencing all of the seasons, but my appreciation for winter is about done. Lets get on with it so I can play outside.


Blogger Karen said...

Hi Abby- I agree with you on winter and I don't even live in the north!

I am such a 'creature of habit' and that extends all the way down to lunch/breakfast every day!! Kind of nuts..... My first rude awakening on the FT job was the fact there was no summer and I couldn't come home after classes around 11 and watch The Young and The Restless or take an afternoon nap!!

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