Random Ramblings
  • It is absolutely gorgeous outside. We are talking 55 in the middle of February. Usually I'm all about having 4 seasons in a year, but I think that I'm definitely ready for Spring to get here. I can't wait for the longer days and cook outs and playing outside.
  • My dad sent me flowers for Valentine's Day. I should be grateful, and I was, sort of...but I know how much it costs to send flowers on Valentine's Day and when it comes down to it, I would have just preferred the money. That sounds heartless, but if they wouldn't jack up the prices for a Hallmark holiday, than I wouldn't mind so much. But, I'm sure he paid and arm and a leg for the dozen roses.
  • I haven't done laundry in over 3 weeks. You would think that would be a problem, but it's not. I have come to the conclusion that I have a ridiculous amount of clothes...more than any person should ever own. I was considering giving some away, just so I felt a little better about myself. There is no need to own as many clothes as I do.
  • I've been running a lot lately and it feels so good. I'm sleeping wonderfully and waking up feeling very refreshed. I also tried on an old pair of jeans and they fit like a glove again. Very exciting stuff I tell you!


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