Loving Life.

Today was a fabulous day. Wait...let me back up. Florida was wonderful. It was very relaxing and the dad and I got to spend a little quality time together, but I got a tan! So, on to today (more like last night and today).

About two weeks ago I put up a sign at the gym saying I would be interested in the occasional babysitting job. Last time I was at the gym, all the tabs with my number on it were gone, but I still hadn't received any calls. However, last night I finally got a call and I met with the family today and I think it's going to be perfect. There are 3 kids, all under 3. The oldest is 2 and a half and then there are twin girls who just turned 1 last week. These girls are all beautiful babies and they were really well tempered. The mom stays at home and will be around most of the time, she really just needs a hand keeping things under control. So, I will start this in about 2 weeks and work in the mornings on days that I don't have to go to work until the afternoon. And...best of all, this job will bring in at $300 extra dollars for me a month...perfect for weekend spending/shopping money, so that I can finally start saving my real paychecks.

So, second on the list of wonderfulness...I think I have somewhere to live next year. There's a house in Malborough that some girls at work live in and all of them are leaving at the end of the contract year in August. It's a 5 bedroom house and rent in only $1500 a month!!! This is unheard of in this area. Right now I live in discounted housing through where I work and my rent is $500 a month. To think of only having to pay $300 a month makes me weak in the knees. (As I'm typing this my future roommates just called to tell me how excited they are about this house!)

Next, I was talking with one of my future roommates about how I really felt like going for a run outside today (the weather was wonderful today). She then asks me if I want to join her and some other girls to train for a half marathon at the end of August. I said sure, even though I've never been one to be able to run extremely long distances. About 20 minutes later she was in our team office with a workout schedule that started today and goes up until August 20th. The miles we run increase gradually and there are 2 5k races mixed in throughout the spring and summer. I'm really, really excited about it. My ultimate goal is to just be healthier and I think that doing it with a group of people will be that much more motivating. I started off following the schedule tonight with a 2 mile run and some strength training. I think this is going to be a very good thing!