Back in the Midwest

So far, home this time around hasn't been nearly as boring as the last time I was here. I've managed to keep myself fairly busy and hopefully by the end of the week I will have even caught up with some old friends. Therese was kind enough to let me drive her car around today. I started my morning off with a run through Washington park. I absolutely LOVE the park and since I've been running more regularly lately I actually managed to completely the whole loop. Last summer I could only run half before I would have to stop and walk for a bit. So this morning I was very proud of myself as I was still running when I hit the very large hill at the end. After my run I showered and got ready for the day. I stopped by my mom's school and she made me sit in on a meeting for a bit and then tell all of her co-workers about my job. I was definitely put on the spot, but I made it through. After that, I went to Old Navy and bought some capri pants. I've been on the search for some good spring pants for a while and I finally found them today. I then took Therese Monty's for lunch. They have the best sub sandwiches ever and so I always make sure to get one when I come home. After lunch I went to the Sprint store. I had been dreading this trip all day long b/c usually I have to wait there forever and then end up paying large sums of money to get my phone fixed. Today however was a different story. I was the only one there and I got a free car charger because apparently that's how they work here. I don't know. The man didn't really explain why I didn't have to pay, but I wasn't really going to ask questions. I just said, "thanks," and was out the door as fast as possible. Now, thanks to the man at the Sprint store, my phone will now charge and so I actually have a fully charged battery. Feel free to call me...I can now talk for more than 2 minutes. Tonight, after dinner my mom and I went to the craft store and bought materials so that we could decorate picture frames. I made two when we got home and they are super cute. I love being crafty and miss doing things like this in Boston. There aren't really a lot of materials, so I think I'm going to take the stuff back with me so that I can be creative on a more regular basis. Plus, now I have really cheap, but cute birthday gifts!

On a side note: I've been really bored with my posts lately which is why I haven't been posting regularly. I like looking back and seeing what I did on certain days, but I want there to be more and I think that I've somehow managed to take away the "something more." We'll see what happens. I'm not going to stop blogging, but I'm trying to think of what to add to spice things up. Until then, I guess I will just live with recapping my days.


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